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I got in last night and was delighted to couch it up with Rae & Co. I dropped her off at work and cruised around wearing her sunglasses then we got lunch at Taco Bell.

Now I'm in my computer class, hosted by the voice of that Family Guy guy who does all the voices.

I have an appeal for you, all of you. I'm looking for work. For the first time since I was 15 I'm actually looking for work and will be forced to turn in a "résumé" and be "interviewed". I've gone through the motions before, but I have no connections now. Do you?

If so, tell me! In return I will take you to dinner upon my first receipt of a paycheck from the employment to which you enlighten me. Act fast and thanks in advance. Oh, and let's hang out.

~And now, a picture of my brother falling off a cliff in Ireland.


welcome back to the states!

are you happy to be back? ...maybe i shouldn't ask that question?



Which class are you taking?

All of the above, and: couldn't your brother have given a more convincing look to make it seem real?

(Please don't make me turn out to be a huge jerk.)

I'm taking CO 116: Intro to Computer Programming. All y'all can laugh all you want- I just need the basic concepts and this will do that for me.

It was really windy/rainy that day and he was making me nervous sitting on the edge and that was making him laugh, so any thoughts of realism went out the window...and down the cliff.

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