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Onwards & Upwards

I decided to write off May after coming back from France. (Or, "[my] trip" as people keep calling it) I've been living at my parents' and watching my dreams crushed and reconfigured. I've worked with my dad making sure no fires start while he welds and helping him install a TV at a bar with beer as payment. I've been selling plasma. I've gotten a job that I start next week. It involves working on the phone- not telemarketing. It will reward the part of my brain that enjoys flexing my multitasking skills and thrills. I will not name it. I will not be house sitting. I will be living with Eric in Mandie's room. Ambiguous sentence! I move in Saturday.

So, June is the start of my (productive) summer. That is when I will return to vegetarianism, begin my grey-scale clothing transition, re-learn to walk and ensure that I have/work on projects. The start of my summer-summer was this past weekend. We returned to Marnia and I enjoyed channeling Dionysus by drinking and spitting wine, shirtless/barefoot dancing on/sweeping of broken glass, subsequent bleeding and unclad jogging around the yard (possibly with a torch). A highlight of the party was having my dad pull in, walk out of the car and ask, "Alright, who wants their ass beat?" to the crowd containing Ander Monson.

The beginning.

Rae took care of me.

The end. With Katie. Other photos on facebook available to ruin my professional career.

My original plan of moving to Chicago in September is on hold. I'm here for the interim and I'll enjoy it. Hell, I'll even be adjunct teaching a class at GVSU for the fall semester. We'll see how things are in about a year. I had to cancel my computer class at GRCC for my job. I'll either be re-taking it in the fall at CC or seeing what I can do at GVSU. By Isis, all I want is to finish _The Timmer_.

I had a dream the other night that I started a restaurant with the most generic name possible: Food McStuff. I worried about legal troubles and thought I could appeal to the Dutch traditions of the area by renaming it Food VanderStuff. If I ever open my dream bakery/roller rink/library/bar I know what I'm calling it.


If you really want it to reflect the area's Dutch heritage, you should rename it Food VanderCheapStuff.

Going to catch you around Festival this weekend?

for some reason (that i can not explain) the last picture reminds me of 20,000 leagues under the sea. mostly the scene surrounding this song:

I'm not sure if I'll be at Festival this weekend. I'm going to try. Maybe we'll run into each other 10 times again.
And I like that connection you made George. It reminded me of the SNL sketch with Kelsey Grammer where he's Captain Nemo explaining to everyone that 20,000 is a measurement of length not depth.

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