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Wannabe artist or wannabe scientist

I've been lost since I've come back from Montauban. And when telling my aunt, a recruiter at a local technical trade school, that I don't exactly know what I want my 'end point' in my career to look like, I mean it and don't see anything wrong with it. When the career counselor at my semi-recently-graduated-from university tells me I'm having a quarter-life crisis I don't believe it and I'm mildly insulted to have such a buzzword thrown my way.

The truth is I'm now looking into going to GVSU for getting a master's in Computer & Information Science. I don't know if it's the right thing to do, but it fits my interest, time frame and possibly budget. I've known that I've been interested in it for years and have twice taken intro to programming courses, and was twice forced to drop them due to work scheduling conflicts. I could enroll in the program for this fall, so soon!, and adjunct teach the French 101 course at the same time. I'm also looking into substitute teaching in the area for the fall (anyone have any leads on that?) or something else.

The other truth is I don't necessarily want to stay here but I have enjoyed studying and working at Grand Valley. I prefer academia to corporate life and my French degree is a solid base, but I can quickly and efficiently improve my chances of going elsewhere (anywhere) to study and work after this. I hope.

I feel like I've been a wannabe artist for a long time. I've wanted to be a musician, an actor, a writer, etc. but now I'm turning towards my wannabe scientist dreams I've held for even longer really. Ghostbusters first got me interested in science (albeit paranormal science) when I was younger and since then I've wanted to be a Ghostbuster, an astronaut, a time traveler, a roboticist, a genome sequencer, an anthropologist, a species cataloguer, etc. A lot of more recent desires have involved software programming and web design but I've felt very lacking in both the scientist and artist departments to work on those roles. I hopped on the computer train a bit late and when I first started I was too distracted by AOL keywords that I didn't take the time to learn about them and do what most computer nerds do. And I regret that. And I'm trying to change that.


are you interested in food science? yoplait. nestle. (i think is swiss, but close). you could use your french and get into food chemistry.

Substitute teaching is kind of a trip, a good experience but you seem to be looking to expand your professional credentials, unless you want to be an educator it doesn't help much.

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