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Everything is different

· I quit Farmers Insurance a few weeks ago but timed it so that I would have vision insurance. I now wear glasses and as of today no longer have vision insurance. I need glasses for night driving but man am I wearing them all the time. It's amazing how much sharper everything is. I feel like I'd been visually ripped off in the past. I've wanted glasses since I was a kid but never needed them. But now! AND I think I look better as a human with them.

This is what I look like wearing them in the morning

· Last week I started house-sitting for a GVSU professor. I love it. I have everything I need (including a yoga/trumpet room) with so much space. I hope to sort through my things and cut down my possessions while here so I can just keep moving easily forever.

· Language Lab orientations started this week and in the weeks before I worked on different segments for the orientation video. Including this one... (pardon the 24 seconds of black at the end...)

· This week was also my first week as a French 101 professor at GVSU. It's intimidating and exciting. I'm very glad it's 101 because it's easier for me to start at the beginning with them. I became so excited in class on Tuesday night that I forgot to go over the syllabus because I got caught in a tangent that started with saying "Bless you" in French and led us to conjugating our first verb (too early). Thursday was more controlled but most wanted to see the first Laker football game. Instead they learned how to tell time and their homework was to teach someone else how to tell time in French. BOOYAH!

· I drive a car from the house to a bus stop to take me to GVSU. I own a car now; something I've never technically done. I haven't regularly driven a car since 2002. I let my brother use my old car and he totaled it but I didn't mind. The moral of my story is I hate gas prices, checking oil/tires/coolant, etc. but it is (obviously) nice having transportational freedom. Still, I wish I could just bike/bus it everywhere.

· I'm not going to eat cheese in September to try and work my way toward veganism. I've felt like a glutton on it lately; eating cream cheese on so many everything bagels, swallowing Meijer pizzas whole and sucking on chunks of Gouda. It needs to stop and I love making clean breaks on clearly defined days.

· Today marks Day 2 of my six-day break. I should hear about substitute teaching for Grand Rapids Public soon, but they don't start school until next week and in the meantime I'll be reading One Hundred Years of Solitude by Marquez, riding "my" bike on these sweet Ada trails and getting some sun.

Goodnight August and Happy Birthday Matt Wilson.



One Hundred Years of Solitude is the only book I ever took back to the bookstore and demanded my money back for. I know it won a Nobel Prize or something, but man oh man was it confusing as all hell. And there was no point in sight. Like a boring version of Haruki Murakami.

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