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It isn't every day that you injure and almost kill your grandmother.

I "helped" George with g-rad's most recent challenge for Ultimate Blogger 3 on Saturday night. Mostly, I let him take a nap and woke him up so he could finish working on the challenge while I sat frustrated with myself in being tired and not knowing how to help or trim down some text. I eventually left so I could sleep. The next morning I picked up my grandmother, maternal, with Rae and we went to my parents' house to go boating.

Fatigue (moderate, as I've been sleeping plenty lately) and crabbiness were kicking in and I refused to let my brother drive my parents' car, a manual transmission, because I wanted radio control and not to have to sit in the back. Rae went to ride with my parents, Lance climbed in the back seat of the car and my grandmother started to get in the front passenger seat. As she was opening the door to get in I started the car by putting my foot on the clutch and turning the ignition. This is where it all goes wrong.

When I drive my parents' car and park it, I use the emergency brake. When my mother drives their car and parks it, she turns the car off and puts it into gear- pretty much the same as the e-brake.

Time line is approximate...
The car started.
I took my foot off the clutch.
The car screeched forward.
My grandmother was jostled as she held onto the door.
I turned the car off.
My grandmother fell backward on her ass.
I stare, speechless.
My grandmother hits her head on something during the fall.
I realize my mother was in the garage, in front of the car, almost getting hit.
People in the driveway ask what happened.
I have no idea where Lance is as I wasn't paying attention.
My grandmother asks for a silver knife.
My brother goes to my grandmother to help her.
My grandmother is bleeding from her head.
I walk away from the car and my grandmother and begin to cry.
I walk to my grandmother to weakly attempt to help and get blood on my hand.
My mother and father are at my grandmother's side checking her.
I walk away from her again and cry some more.
My father asks for the keys to be taken out of the ignition.
My grandmother is brought inside.
She has peroxide, ointments, bandages, etc. applied.
It is decided that she won't need a visit to the ER.
I am away, crying in bathroom.
My grandmother calls me in and tells me to stop crying.
We go boating.

My favorite part of the boat ride is when my dad sped along Spring Lake and I stood up, letting the waves bounce me without holding on as I like to do. The comfortable breeze flew at my face and forced my eyes shut, blowing more tears away.


That is so scary! Glad no one was seriously hurt.

Thankfully she's okay. All she wanted was some whiskey.

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