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To be loosed

Let me start off by saying that Greg Gillis (Girl Talk) and Dan Deacon both look older than they really are.

Rae, Mandie and I visited Tom in Iowa City last weekend. Eric, Kathryn, Joel, Matt and Nick made the "Tom's Friends Force" total nine so he'd look cool with so many friends to show off to his Iowa City friends. Sadly, we hardly met them. But we did eat lots of vegan food, walk around, sweat, witness Rae get the worst service, find awesome polaroids (scan them, Mandie!) and saw Dan Deacon & Girl Talk close out their tour.

While waiting in line for the show some drunk dude in a Grant Hill US Olympics jersey told me that Dan Deacon might not be performing since he's sick. He pulled out his phone and told me to call Mr. Deacon and beg him to perform. I thought the guy wanted me to use his phone so I grabbed it and hit "Send". He quickly grabbed it back and said, "No! I already called him. Use your phone." After I copied the number into my phone I asked him how he got it. "I work at the radio station and interviewed him and Girl Talk earlier." I could hardly hear Dan Deacon's voicemail but left a business-sounding message pleading him to come and entertain us all tonight.

Twenty minutes later, still in line, I ask the guy if I can have Greg Gillis's number. He laughed and said, "No way man. I'll give you the first 4 digits of Dan Deacon's, though." I informed him that he already gave the number to me and he just looked drunk. We eventually got in, got drinks and went into the crowd during Deacon's set where he asked us to back up against the walls and watch people run around, giving high-fives as they passed. Girl Talk played, we sweat, I slipped about as everyone's sweat and beer covered the floor (and the walls, and the ceilings) making walking in sandals impossible and cover my bare feet in grime (still not clean!).

Most of us hung in the back. Nick was in the front and Tom wanted to talk to him so I volunteered to go get him. When I saw him I kept dancing and eventually crowded to the front and finally climbed on stage. I danced around for about 10 minutes, patted Greg on the back and got off stage, making my way back to the group. Rae and I went up to the front near the end and, naturally, danced more. I also got a picture

After the show Mandie tried to get Dan and Greg to come party with us- after they commented on how much they loved our face paint (Tom, scan those polaroids!). I told Dan Deacon about the drunk guy giving out his phone number and he explained that he doesn't listen to his voicemail, wouldn't hear my call, etc. Can't blame him.

We stopped at the Welcome Center on I-94 in Michigan and I found this absolutely insane business card. There are too many things to comment on. You start. And apparently this guy has bumper stickers.

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