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Hint: it's a fruit

I finally got a call with an offer to do substitute teaching. I was with my parents and noticed a missed call from an 800 number. I dialed it and it asked for a "PIN number". I was confused and googled the number. I saw a few addresses and realized it was the subbing company. I didn't have my "PIN number" online as it's on my own computer. I have until Wednesday to send in $25 for a substitute teaching certificate- another charge the company neglected to tell me at the orientation- and thought that maybe I would do just this one job but no more since I'll be working at the mall (and not talking about it) soon.

I got the calls for a few hours and then nothing. I went, got my PIN to the site and did a search for jobs but found none. I figured the offer was expired. I found this to be false at 6:15 this morning and just hung up on the call.

Forget subbing man. Those jerks jerked me around and that's why I call them jerks.

While at Meijer with Rae last night I stumbled upon this

An exclusive Swiss formula made with Green Tea extract, provides a cool feeling while our moisturizers and gentle cleansers wipe away dirt build up and the natural oil that secretes from the pores on the head. Head Wipes provide a clean and fresh feeling. Use Head Wipes anytime, anyplace. 16 individual wipes per box.

I'm glad that bald men, or guyz, are proud of their baldness and have personal care products just for them. It's a big eff you to the "Just for Men" guys dying their hair to fit in. Bald guyz are proud of what they have (left).

Love your bald brothers.

New Yorker blurb about Curb Your Enthusiasm being used in therapy for schizophrenic patients.

As the patients watched David flub situation after situation, they laughed, and they willingly discussed with Roberts how they might behave in the same circumstances. "That bald man made a mountain out of a molehill!" one woman called out during a session.


Dan & I are going to invest in this company. It's about time somebody stood up for our hygienic needs.

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