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Happy Birthday Mom

It's the beginning of what I'm calling "Honest 08". I'm moving into an apartment by the NEST in a few days. I've got my reasonable resolutions but I'm mostly aiming for staying active/motivated, staying honest to others and true to myself. There will be no quarter-life crisis knocking on my door.

It's my mom's birthday today, as well as Elivis's, but we celebrated it on Sunday at my parents' house. My cousin Jeremy came over with his friend/roommate. After a pizza dinner we were getting ready to play Balderdash when Jeremy suggested my parents watch 2girls1cup, the disgusting shock video I was tricked into watching. I wanted to say no, but thought of the opportunity in filming their reaction. I first showed them the video of the grandma reacting so they'd know what to expect...


Is that music from the actual video? Do we know for sure this isn't a Grand Rapids thing?

That music is from the video. Which I don't recommend you watching. It isn't a GR thing. There are often ads touting "local singles" because they see your IP address and can figure out where you are.

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