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Still bangin'

Kids like to come into the Apple store and use the iSight cameras built into the computers to take pictures of themselves. A group of kids were in yesterday for quite a while and I didn't pay much attention to them, except one younger kid who was running around more and listening to the iPods, asking/singing (not sure which), "You got party like a rockstar?" I saw him take an amusing picture and decided to retrieve it after work. I remembered that his friends took quite a few pictures and thought I'd get those too. A coworker has a funny picture in his locker of a person proudly displaying her new shoes so I thought I'd get mine.

I first got my young friend's picture. I wasn't sure, but suspected he may have been throwing up a gang sign.

I told someone I was doing this and they mentioned that we have to kick people out of the store if we see them flashing gang sings after the gang-related stabbing at the mall (same link as before).

A few other pictures seemed innocent enough.

Then a bit baller.


This whole Bemis Boys / East Ave Boys thing fascinates me. I was terrified of gangs when I was in junior high... in the northwest suburb Walker where people claimed gang affiliation but didn't seem possible. From more googling/checking on Bebo I found more pictures from the Apple store...from the East Ave Boys.

From what I can tell the Bemis Boys are aligned with the Bloods and the East Ave Boys with the Crips. How does this happen? Two rival gangs in a Midwest city hate on each other and one looks into franchising themselves and the other just joins the other? Americans love a two-party, corporate-affiliated system.


I suspect you are now the target of an organized "hit". It was nice knowing you.

Strange. I wonder who sits around and plays with their hands until they find the "right" sign?

why did that kid have a lei?

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