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Billy Ocean had it all wrong

I've had some troublesome dreams these past few weeks. Not like every day or anything, but I had the second ever dream where I witnessed my younger brother's death last week (the first one was about 6 months ago I'd say). I don't remember it fully but it involved a heist we were all a part of, perhaps, and someone was against us and sprayed bullets everywhere, shooting my brother's head off. It was gruesome and I didn't know what to do. Somehow I was able to make the killer think I didn't know she killed him. In an act of cold vengeance I eventually pushed her into oncoming traffic. Not proud...

Yesterday I actually was in a car accident. I wasn't driving. No injuries. Rich older white guy pulled out of one of those stupid left turn-arounds on the East Beltline, didn't see us behind him, went too slowly and we hit him. Gary, the driver, from GVSU's The Lanthorn, called the police since we debated and eventually determined it's illegal not to. The cop asked for the details and Gary, still a little shaken, gave a distance of "30 yards" and the cop found him at fault and gave him a ticket. We were so pissed and he's going to fight it.

But ANYWAY, that most likely influenced my dream last night in which I got into TWO car accidents. Whenever I drive in a dream I lose control of the vehicle, spin around, can't stop it and most often crash. The dream is too foggy now, but I know I did this in a car where the weather was pleasant and got a ticket. Then I crashed into another car a bit later in the dream and muttered to myself how that made two accidents in one day and how it reminded me of my dreams where I crash all the time. I woke up and was grateful that it was a dream, but fell back asleep and thought of how it was just a dream but it still happened and I'd have to pay for it. I hate cars!



I'm glad you didn't die!

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