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As I found last fall when closing my Chase bank account, it's easy to close an account when you lie and say you're moving someplace where it's obviously impractical to continue using that service. For my Chase account I said I was moving to France and then Thailand to teach English and wouldn't be back in the US for quite some time. I said that I loved Chase (lie), my family used them and I'd start another account when I came back (lie). (But who really loves their bank? I now have a Credit Union and like it, but don't love it. I don't love money, c'mon.)

Last summer I bought Rae/her brother Alex's old car from their dad so I could drive to work and then commute to the house I was sitting. The last car I owned I left at my parents' house while I lived on campus my freshman year at GVSU and then let my brother use until he killed it by withholding oil. I then got used to the idea of not having a car and relished it. I biked all those years and continued biking when my bikes kept getting stolen.

Now I'll be biking again. I gave my parents my car and they gave me the bike that I gave them two years ago that Tom gave me that Chris and I stole for Tom. It's a red, possibly girl's, Murray Monterey beach cruiser that was abandoned at Family Video. My parents used it in Grand Haven and added a sweet basket.

The day after I gave my parents the car I called Progressive and told them I needed to cancel my insurance policy because I was getting rid of my car and moving. The person asked where and I said New York. I was put on hold and transferred to an agent based in Florida but originally from New York. She asked where exactly I was moving to- I said Brooklyn- and talked about all the great food (pizza [no way!], cherry bonnet ice cream ["You call that dipped"] from Mr. Tastee) I could find plus agreed that public transportation would be sufficient and hoped I'd have fun in New York and call up Progressive if I ever get a car again. Easy! Lies!

I rode from Founder's to Grand Coney, losing my bike lock and nearly the contents of my stomach, and then showed off for Scott's iPhone


Bicycle, bicycle...I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike...

Let me know if you are going on any rides.

Bicycle, bicycle...I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike...

Let me know if you are going on any rides.

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