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December 1, 2005

Lookie lookie, there goes Tookie

The founder of the L.A. gang the Crips, Tookie Williams, is scheduled to be executed on December 13 for the 1979 murders of four people. California's supreme court refused to stop the execution. His only chance now is a federal intervention or Gov. Schwarzenegger, who admired Tookie's bodybuilding skills in the late '70s, granting clemency.

I got to reading about all this and found that Virginia's governor spared the life of the potential 1,000th execution since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976. The next potential 1,000th execution is set for tomorrow in North Carolina. And now that governor is deciding if he wants to be the one whose state oversaw the 'landmark' 1,000th execution.

Capital punishment was suspended in the United States in 1967 and abolished in the Supreme Court in 1972. In 1976 it was reinstated.

With Tookie, who has written children's books advocating non-violence and worked toward peace between gangs, having a well-publicized call for clemency and a looming 1,000th execution, I wonder if this could help re-abolish capital punishment in our country.

Probably not, but I like the idea that an execution date nears and a governor grants clemency, possibly holds a moratorium on the death penalty, as in Illinois, then abolishes it- state by state. Eventually all states and the federal government wise up like the majority of Europe and North and South America, Australia and other industrialized nations and make the practice illegal.

I found this interesting.
In practice, no one has been executed for a crime other than murder or conspiracy to murder since 1964, when James Coburn was executed for robbery in Alabama on September 4. All death row inmates in 2002 were convicted of murder. The last time someone executed solely for other crimes were:

* Rape - Ronald Wolfe on May 8, 1964 in Missouri.
* Criminal assault - Rudolph Wright on January 11, 1962 in California
* Kidnapping - Billy Monk on November 21, 1960 in California
* Espionage - Ethel and Julius Rosenberg on June 19, 1953 in New York (Federal execution)
* Burglary - Frank Bass on August 8, 1941 in Alabama
* Arson - George Hughes, George Smith, Asbury Hughes on August 1, 1884 in Alabama
* "Guerrilla Activity" - Champ Ferguson on October 21, 1865 in Tennessee
* Piracy - Nathaniel Gordon on 21 February 1862 in New York (Federal execution)
* Treason - John Conn in 1862 in Texas
* Slave revolt - Slaves named Caesar, Sam and Sanford on 19 October 1860 in Alabama
* Aiding a runaway slave - Starling Carlton in 1859 in South Carolina
* Theft - Slave named Jake on December 3, 1855 in Alabama
* Horse stealing - James Wilson and Fred Salkman on 28 November 1851 in California
* Forgery - 6 March 1840 in South Carolina
* Counterfeiting - Thomas Davis on 11 October 1822 in Alabama
* Sodomy/buggery/bestiality - Joseph Ross December 20, 1785 in Pennsylvania
* Concealing the birth/death of an infant - Hannah Piggen in 1785 in Massachusetts
* Witchcraft - Black person named Manuel on June 15, 1779 in (present-day) Illinois

This list is reassuring. While murder is a horrible offense, it should be the next/final crime added to the list to recognize that 'an eye for an eye' doesn't make sense.

December 7, 2005

No sex in the shrineroom

My camera is here. I told UPS to reroute my package from my parents' house to work but on Monday UPS forgot to check "reroutes" and didn't deliver until today. In the end I was probably only screwed $25 and 2 weeks, when the camera would actually have cost about $40 from a store. I won't complain. Besides, it takes nice video.

Last Saturday, Guillaume de Terre had his saintly debut at 555 studio. He couldn't attend, but we did get pictures from the event.

Here is a table offering buttons, shirts, prayer cards and a petition.

Megan found Guillaume orange artifacts.

She put this shrine in the bathroom.

Later it was reported that a couple had sex in Guillaume's shrine. That is fantastic.

December 8, 2005


I just got a donation from a professor. She's great. So she shakes my hand and leans in for a hug, so now it's a shake-hug and I panic. And since she's European/Tunisian I think she's doing the cheek-kiss thing so I kiss her on the cheek but she does nothing. I panic. She leaves and we say ciao. I'm socially inept.

December 20, 2005

Holiday parties...

While I wait for "Trend Micro" to do a deep scan of our server (a virus has been found! and has taken away access to off-campus users), let me show you (please!) some pictures I've taken in the past...few weeks.

Warning! This clown will f you up if you don't lick up the peanut butter.

While waiting for my sandwich at Jimmy John's I noticed a pile of...oregano?

Guillaume shirts have been printed. Give me a blank t and I'll get someone to transform it.

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December 26, 2005

Lucid dreaming

·These are notes I took immediately after I woke up this morning.

· My high school was in the press for a newsletter that had a December newsletter from the school board that said,

"At this holiday time, we pause to remember the sacrifices which were made back when Christmas began," the letter said. "God sent his Son to earth as the greatest gift to mankind. We feel that our Kenowa Hills Family has also made great sacrifices throughout the past years. All Kenowa Hills employees give willingly to the students entrusted to us. ... Merry Christmas, and God bless us everyone!"

This caused some anger from a family (whose kids I went to school with... and Atheists) who want the board to retract the statement and assurances the board "will recognize and respect the diversity of religious beliefs in the community."

Unsurprisingly, member Dennis Kneibel said, "I don't think there's anything wrong with it, but we'll talk about it with our attorney." I hate this guy. He had kids one year older and one year younger than me and I just did not like them. And he's this cop who thinks he owns Walker. I can't remember why, but my dad has a thing against him too.

The other reason this is all so ridiculous is highlighted by a custodian who thinks the language "Kenowa Hills Family [faculty/staff] has also made great sacrifices". Implying there could be more cuts or sacrifices. Kenowa Hills was recently in the news for the employees working something like an entire year without a contract and constantly threatening to strike, with support from schools around the area. Eventually they settled on less than what they got before and it's still a huge sore spot. So to have the school board say, "Praise Jesus and be grateful for what you have, employees..." is a real insult.

· In the Taco Bell drive thru the other night I said, "Gracias" to the employee after getting my food. He replied with, "No hay que nada". (ain't no thang)

· On the bus a few weeks ago some high school students grumbled that I got on the bus for free. The driver explained that GVSU students get free admission. One asked my major and I said French. She said, "How do you say 'Hop off my dick' in French?" I replied, "Sautez de mon bite".

December 30, 2005

St. Jesus

At the Timmer family Christmas white elephant exchange I stole from my uncle who stole from my dad who stole from my cousin this picture.

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