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April 3, 2006

Captain Lance

· Do you know Jorge Ramos? Well you should! He's been lead anchor for Univision's respected Noticiero Univion for 20 years. He's respected and is quite handsome. Much like an American anchor... Anderson Cooper! Though, Mr. Cooper emotes a little much and hasn't been in the game as long. Seeing Ramos debate Lou Dobbs on The Situation Room a few nights ago I realized the similarity between these two. I was going to call Jorge Ramos the Mexican Anderson Cooper, but really it's the other way around. Anderson Cooper is the American Jorge Ramos. Hoorah for Jorge!

· My dad was set to retire from GM in November. Since 2000 he's been commuting from Grand Rapids to Lansing. With GM's recent plant shutdowns and layoffs, he'd expected to be laid off from now until November. GM is now offering certain, qualified employees a buyout and my dad's probably going to take it. He wouldn't get any benefits, but my mom will be working for another 15 years and will probably be able to cover it. There's a chance GM won't even be around in the future and he'd lose his benefits anyway.

Next week will probably be my dad's last week of work. Last year he took classes (that GM paid for) while being laid off- classes to get his captain's license. As a captain he now plans to take people on afternoon cruises (not fishing charters)around Grand Haven at $350 for 4 hours. I told him people wouldn't pay that much just to ride a boat and he disagreed. I then asked,

"What if people want some privacy in the cabin below?"
"That's just fine. But they'd have to brign their own sheets or towels or whatever. There will be no cum stains on my boat!"

He says he's also getting a tattoo of the boat "logo". Since we were discussing tattoos I showed them mine from last summer and told them I'd be getting another. They were actually cool with it all.

· I went with Tom and Elise to an art show in Ann Arbor and found that Guillaume is now in a club of seven saints being venerated. Good for him! And I warmed my hands in several of Sara's muffs.

· I wanted to show a picture of a seal I saw in Monterey but accidentally added a ridiculous filter. I'm showing it anyway.

· I'm very pleased with my tax returns.

· In your mothafuckin face!

(I can't string together more than 2 lucid sentences anymore...)

April 10, 2006

Laundry day

Instead of doing the massive amount of laundry that needs to be done, I'll be putting most of my clothes into bags to give to Goodwill. I think I actually love the idea that I actually hate most of my clothes.

Note: I've kept most of the same wardrobe since late junior high. I'm not a clotheshorse. I'm more of a pack rat.

April 15, 2006

We're winning.

Today was/has been/is/will be/will have been incredibly productive. I woke up early and ate breakfast, but then took a nap. I did an incredible amount of laundry and decided what clothes I wanted to throw/give away. I played kickball. I got sunburned. I got ice cream three times. I thought of a name for a jazz musician: Tits Merkle. I rode my bike. I ate at Grand Central Market. I almost got my haircut, but they took a lunch break 2 hours before they closed and I couldn't do it. I walked to a park. I ran down a hill backwards. And I'm about to go to the bar. And I won't tell you who I did any of these things with!

I never showed anyone the coaster I bought in Monterey.

(Except, it says "Montery Bay, California" on the bottom)

April 17, 2006

Song lyric about finding old notes

I've been going through the boxes of pictures, souvenirs, magazines and other trinkets I've gotten from trips and have just accumulated over the years, preparing to thrash them. I've moved these boxes from my parents' house, to my dorm rooms, to my apartments downtown, just adding to the clutter and not really looking at what's in them. I know what's in them and am always thinking, "One day I'll organize those photos," or "I should throw out all that shit that I collected." I've thrown away two boxfuls (I don't think that's a word, but maybe it is) already. But I've re-organized and kept a lot. In looking through these things, I found a note.

I dated a girl a year older than me from the summer before sophomore year until Homecoming my senior year. Without getting into it, I'll just say that we had a tumultuous relationship (starting when she dumped me because I was stupid enough to subconsciously check out another girl in front of her). We broke up several times and eventually got back together right after she graduated. She went to Alma in the fall and I was no longer interested in dating her. I helped her move in, but I never visited her. Yes, I was a shitty boyfriend. But she had done some...I won't get into it here. So, after a while, she told me about a charming guy named Brandon who looked like Prince. This guy had a crush on her and was kind of annoying, but funny. She visited me one weekend in mid-September and gave me a note from Brandon.

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