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May 5, 2006

I went to Coachella...a week ago

I'll get to that in a minute.

I went to Coachella with Taylor last weekend. The schedule was rough (it wasn't until later that I realized we didn't have to see whole sets) but we ended up seeing:

depeche mode
daft punk
franz ferdinand
sigur ros
damian marley
cat power
animal collective
devendra banhart
the walkmen
imogen heap
lady sovereign
the zutons
head automatica (ugh!)
kanye west
brother ali
massive attack
yeah yeah yeahs
scissor sisters
sleater kinney
seu jorge
ted leo & the pharmacists
the go! team
the dears
mates of state
the octopus project

Meaning I only missed one or two bands that I would've liked to see. Oh well.

Once we flew into L.A. we hung out with Libby and Jo Ann for a few hours noticing all the scene kids and how everyone either has a Razr phone, Sidekick or Bluetooth headset for a phone. L.A. makes me nauseated.

And I got to try out my new hand gesture. I'm sick of people doing 'peace' or putting just one finger up for whatever reason. I'm going with three!

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May 10, 2006

Call me peanut butter pants

I went to the dentist for the first time in three years today. I tried making appointments a year ago and six months ago. They fucked it up both times. I don’t appreciate how my dentist can make enough money to be open only four days a week for limited hours. When I tried to make this appointment I found that the next available time for a cleaning was three weeks later.

So it was with resentment that I got my teeth cleaned today. I rode the bus to Standale and walked a (very pleasant actually) mile and a half to the dentist’s office. I checked in and they kept asking about insurance. “I’m still on my parents’,” I told them. I don’t think that’s true, but somehow they’ll cover it. I was called in and had X Rays, scraping, finger wagging, etc. I haven’t had a cavity since I had baby teeth. I take care of my teeth, but I just forget to floss. I buy these stupid electric toothbrushes to floss for me. But no, it’s never enough.

I like my teeth and want to take care of them. I understand and respect dentists. But my problems with them lead me to question their racket. And the day I question dentists is the day I sound like a ‘hilljack’. But how could you not question my dentist? This guy rides into work on hi motorcycle with his dentist scrubs on.

He comes in for 2 minutes, glances at my record and asks, “So, still dating Julie?”
“No. We broke up 12 years ago.”
“Oh ho! Right. You just graduated from Grand Valley with a degree in…French, yeah. Right?”
“Hey, these teeth look super! Good job, my man. Hey, hope to see you soon. Vive la France!”
“Thanks. I’ll floss more often now.”

I let and walked to Arby’s where I bought two delicious, sugary chocolate chip cookies to spite my dentist.

May 12, 2006

iPod theft

We've collected iPods from the French 202 student and from other French students who used them this semester. We did that the last week of school, in April. Someone lost a sheet that had most of the information on who turned them in so, with Ben, I had to go back through all the collected iPods and compare it to a list. The list showed that there were only two students who had iPods out. One was a French 202 student, the other was a French capstone student who checked it out two weeks before the end of the semester to listen to music for her final project/report.

I sent e-mails to them and got a reply from the capstone student. She said,
"Hi Kevin. I turned in the ipod but I gave it to prof Eck."

By "Eck" I assumed she meant "Eick", the French 202 professor spearheading this. I e-mailed him, asking what he knew about this. He said,
"Hey, Kevin. I don't know who she is! I don't recall receiving an iPod from a student."

I asked who her capstone professor was and he told me it was Isabelle, and, "I don't know who she is, but I'll bet she's back home in France enjoying her new iPod."

(She has a French name and has a thick accent. I assumed she was from West Africa.) So, I e-mailed Isabelle, who said,
"I know absolutely nothing, and she did not return the ipod to me. In fact she also has one of my books she did not return. She seems to lose everything. I would be slightly worried if I were you."

So I checked GVSU's people finder and found nothing. I googled her and found a weird spamdex page with irrelevant info, but with a weird link to an article in GVSU's newspaper. I called David and he found her phone number and home address. Twenty minutes later he came over and told me he talked to her on the phone. She explained that she came to the Lab at 4pm on the last day of finals but no one was there. She went to the main office and talked to a student assistant who then called a professor (Eick, she thought). She walked down about four doors to the professor and he took the iPod, questioning why she had that particular one (it was already checked in by another student but she told him that I checked it out to her). He made sure all the equipment was there, checked her name off a list and said goodbye. The professor she described was kind of tall, youngish and had curly, brown hair. This didn't describe any of the possible professors she could have met with. The approximately four doors away from the main office had no one like that in them. David went into their offices and found no iPods either. And no other people would have this list to check off names except David or me.

As you can imagine, I started to call bullshit. I assumed she was this international student who was going to try to make off with the iPod with no repercussions. But, David explained, she sounded really earnest and didn't seem like she would be making this up at all. Still, it sounded fishy to me: especially with Isabelle's warning. David talked to her again to explain that her story didn't make sense and to see if she knew more about who she dropped it off to. He called the office assistant at home and left a message, asking for help.

Then the LRC Help Desk got a phone call- it was her. I talked to her for a minute and she said, "I remembered the office number I went to. It was 2040." I told her, "Yeah, well, that's David's office. The director. The one you were talking to just now." "Okay," she said. "Well, maybe it would be helpful if I just came down and helped sort this out." I told her that was a good idea. And David was right. She did sound very sincere. I then called David.

"Hey, she just called. She's going to come over and help fix this."
"Oh, good."
"Yeah, and she said something funny. She said she remembered the office number she dropped it off to--"
"--was 2040. Yours."
"Oh shit! I remember now. She did drop it off...to me! I can't believe I forgot."
"I do remember getting a call from the main office at 4 o'clock on that Friday. She came down. I opened the box and checked it out. Oh my God. And it's...(rifles through drawers) in this drawer in my file cabinet. Oh no, I'm going senile."

He called her and apologized profusely, saying it was early Alzheimer's. She understood and laughed, taking no offense. Around this time I went back to Google and looked more closely at the article in our school paper. It was a story about how she and her family fled from Rwanda during the genocide in 1994. She said she felt ashamed for having both her parents and that dying was something she looked forward to. I felt awful. I'd accused this very nice woman, a Rwandan refugee, of stealing an iPod. Like she would want or need a fucking iPod. I then showed this to David to share my guilt. It helped.

Item! Tom spilled pee on himself.


May 22, 2006

Goddamn these bedsores

I'm ready for Wednesday. I have watched two seasons of lost in the last week. I'm ready for this season finale. And let me tell you. I've witnessed more conversations on Lost than in real life in the past week. As far as I'm concerned no one else is real either. We're all on an island, man.

May 23, 2006

Hopping on the Vimeo train

Sparklers in the attic on Vimeo

May 24, 2006


I'm going to write about how this site needs an overhaul. My banner sucks. The "separator" is something I've been ignoring (it looks cool in Safari!). The layout is basic and boring. The color scheme is ugly. There's no Web 2.0ness happening here. I don't have the g-rad badge and no good outbound links. I basically lifted my CSS wholesale from KMikeyM (or Y.A.C.H.T.?) a long time ago and it has a bunch of stuff I don't use in it.

In short: I need to "class this bitch up". And I won't be posting again until I do. I'm really liking Cory's and Beezy's g-rad blogs right now. I look to them for inspiration.

May 31, 2006

I wanna rock right now

I hate how I wish I were at these parties and clubs where Two Eagles Marcus takes pictures. I don't generally consider myself such a tool, but I've been guilty of wishing I could live in the world of beach party beer commercials and pool-shooting cologne ads. I'm happy without this bullshit, yet I still want it!

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