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August 5, 2006

Visa application

On Tuesday night I filled out my application for a visa to work in France (technically no) at Mael's house with her and Justin.  I've been spoiled with the AC at work, the cool basement in my house and not doing much where the heat would beat me.  While filling out the application I was constantly sweating.  My shirt went from light grey to dark.  My hair started to look, well, good.  But I was a wreck.  I was sticking to the application and couldn't write properly.  Thankfully Justin took over and filled out my application for me; better penmanship and all.  

The picture for the application that I'd taken at work earlier wouldn't do.  The pictures had to be on photo paper.  So, Justin took a picture of me at Mael's house and planned on printing it out at Kinko's.  We got to Kinko's at 10:57pm and noticed the fluorescent lights flickering and some shutting off. We asked if they were open 24 hours, as Justin and Mael thought, and they told us they close at 11.

So we hurried, though Mael said, "Just because they close at 11 doesn't mean we have to leave at 11." Later while Mael tried to get some help from one of the workers he told her, "I'm helping these gentlemen right now," as he typed on a keyboard and gestured toward a man and a woman. Mael and the female employee exchanged glances at the weird statement and Mael decided the guy was a jerk and proceeded to work slowly. After I bought a return envelope for my passport I heard Mael trying to quietly tell Justin, "But he's an asshole. He could've helped me. Fuck him," or something of that nature. For some reason I always imagine my voice being really quiet, but I'm wrong. But it killed me hearing her say this in a voice I was sure the guy could hear.

The picture Just took of me at the house

was taken too close and a new one was needed.  I posed for Justin and the sweat line was even more visible.  I looked like a sloppy bastard who couldn't take care of himself and I laughed every time I looked at the photo. I hope they give me the visa just out of pity.

At 11:15, with all our copies, photos and forms in order, we payed and said goodnight, though Mael said, "Fous-toi [fuck yourself]" to the assistants and the guy said, "You'll have to turn the lock before you can leave." Justin and I said, "Okay, thanks. Goodnight." Mael said, "We have a college education, I think we can figure that out." And I speed-walked out the door to the car.

August 7, 2006

ATTN: Kyle Bradell

· My parents might get this cat:

Several years ago my dad wanted a barn cat to kill the mice in the 'barn'. He got a free Siamese cat named Ling Ling from a guy a few miles away. We'd never owned a cat before, but Ling Ling was great. She couldn't come inside, but she was friendly. And horny. She had several litters, even producing a genuine Calico. Before my parents could get her spayed, she was hit by a car. We kept one of her daughters and gave the rest away. That one, Lance named Cujo, produced several litters. My dad took her to get spayed one day but there was a bad storm and the place closed. Cujo was eventually hit by a car, as was her daughter that we kept. And now, no cat. Hopefully we can have another Siamese. And we'll spay this one. Thank you, Ashley.

· I noticed Kyle Bradell is running for Michigan State Representative in the 74th district. Just read his views. He certainly has travelled a bit. Still, though.

He's no Kyle Bredell.

· Is anyone willing to write a story called "Tuesdays with Moriarty" about a weekly tea between Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty? They set aside their differences once a week and just chat.

· Is there a way to kill apathy?

August 14, 2006


· Immediately before I woke up to chain saws tearing down the tree outside my window this morning, my dreams shifted from whatever fun thing they were about to the music video for Master P's song "Make Em Say Ugh". I kept hearing "Ugggghhhhhh. Ughhhhhhh. Na na na naaaah." But mostly a whole lot of, "Ugggghhh. Uggggggggh. Ughhhhhh."

· I've noticed my dad, and other family members/aquaintances, using the expressions "up to" or "out to" to mean "at". As in, "There were 30 boats up to Traverse City" or "We got corn out to Coopersville". Hmm...

· Seriously, I don't want to sound crazy or like a hippie. But I want to know and believe, as well as for others to, that this isn't the only way. If you feel like an alien and don't see the point to how society is and want to do something else. You can. You can walk away from it all. I'm this close to doing so. Let me know if you'd like to do so as well.

August 24, 2006

'Morning Bell twice in a night

1. I shave my face in the shower. It opens my pores. The other day I looked at my shoulders and how disproportionately hairy they are compared to the rest of my arms. My ugly tattoos are covered by ugly hair. After shaving my face I shaved my upper arms. Then I looked at my chest and repeated the 2000 debacle. Not too bad, but the hair is coming back and I fear it'll be thicker. I can already feel the hairs poke through my t-shirts and it's really weird. I can't stop rubbing my chest. Ask Ben.

2. There was a segment on the Today Show yesterday about how "girl power" and general empowerment of women has had dangerous results. Now girls say "bitch, whore, slut" and are more likely than boys to smoke, drink, do drugs and get into fights. At one point the anchor said something like, "Are we telling our daughters they have girl power without backing it up?" What? Is this really fucking news? Even MORNING news? They're saying that by treating girls as equals to boys and not restricting them they've become more aggressive and bad. Someone from a teen magazine said girls need to find their feminine side again since they're nurturers. Does correlation equal causation? Maybe parents need to wise the fuck up. Have they been doing their job? I can't imagine my older cousins being good parents. Everyone's too lazy to raise their children properly. They're all too afraid to pass down values and are lacking in values themselves. Ramble ramble! (I'm like the Hamburgler, but you can call me the Timeburgler since I steal time and make up bullshit.)


4. While practicing a powerpoint presentation for the fall orientation, I tried to illustrate how our system worked, but instead drew a college freshman asshole chicken partying and puking.

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