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February 4, 2007

What a superb owl. Hoo hoo.

· While searching for Kimiko Ono (she sings 'Golden the Pony Boy' at the end of 'Science of Sleep'1 2 3) on wikipedia I found a fairly ridiculous entry title: List of Japanese people. Let's just say I was let down by its length.

· Julia invited me to join her and her German friends at a birthday dinner last night. There was a George Foreman4-like grilling...situation. We put in pieces of cheese and various meats in little triangle trays with handles and we put those trays inside the Foreman thing and watched as they cooked and melted. Then we put the results on potatoes.

There weren't enough chairs so Ohtman (I think that's how it's written) who said, "People just call me Hotman, it's okay", went next door to get a couple more. I told him I'm going to Ireland and he raved about his trip there when he was 19 and how Guinness was the first drink of alcohol he ever had and remains his favorite. And he gave Julia and me some tips on what to do in Morocco5. This was all before I lost my mind at the Le Bar Basque.

1 I want my next haircut to be like Gaël García Bernal's from the movie.

2 Alain Chabat is terrific in English too.
3 Foreigner living in France who sleeps/dreams all the time and is ashamed of his French speaking abilities (that are often mocked) so he speaks in English with the locals? Tell me about it. Unrelated to 1.
4While trying to determine if George spelled his last name Foreman or Forman (I was right, btw) wikipedia revealed this gem:

According to an ESPN "SportsCentury" profile, George's massive size and height (6'4") in relation to that of his brothers led to the revelation that he was illegitimate. His biological father took no part in his upbringing. He has 10 children (5 daughters and 5 sons) with his wife, Joan, and has named all 5 sons George Edward Foreman, because he "wants them to know who their father is". He has named one of his daughters Georgetta.

5 I'm going to Morocco in April.

February 5, 2007


Like getting a joint-checking account, Rae and I canceled our MySpace accounts. Mandie did it when it was cool, though. Having a MySpace is so passé. But so is announcing that you canceled it. I opted for a pretentious, bullshit, pseudo-passionate explanation for canceling.

Cancel MySpace Account
We're sorry you're leaving MySpace! Please briefly explain in the form below why you're cancelling. You can really help us improve MySpace!

MySpace is a farce; nothing more than advertising disguised as a social networking service. A blight on the internet that encourages an ugly, mid-90s Angelfire design aesthetic, friend-collecting and pedophilia. I hope those profiting from this site feel as much shame as I feel for being a part of it for so long. MySpace has not only caused stagnation, but regression for internet innovation.

MySpace is the new AOL. Why use the world wide web when everyone is "on" MySpace? Official websites for musicians, films, comedians and anything "cool" has been reduced to the equivalent of an "AOL Keyword". Artists forced to limit themselves to the confines of an ugly, cramped stage. Like AOL, MySpace is catering to those who are too lazy or stupid to use the internet properly.

I am canceling my account and am encouraging my friends to do so as well.


M.I.A. has an album coming out this summer. Her new single "Bird Flu" hasn't grown on me yet. I wonder what Anthony will think. I like this comment I read on the video:

This isn't even a song... its a bunch of fucking RACKET. Sucks. Sucks so, so hard.
P.S. The video is like a bunch of clips from those "Save the Children" commercials and rejected video concepts presented to Rihanna.

February 12, 2007


Three non-vacation, awesome things of the moment:
· This soap Le Petit Marseillais that's vegan and leaves my hands slippery and smelling like olive oil.

· This weather! It's like 60!
· Best of Bootie 2006. Thanks for the recommendation, Seth.

I'm going to London tomorrow. With recommendations from friends and wikitravel I've organized what I need to see by Friday morning.
Hot Fuzz, CYHSY, Kylie exhibit, Indian Food, Sherlock, Abbey Road, GMT

I don't necessarily like visiting cities by myself (as it's not like what going to Disney World by myself would be as I imagined when I was 10, going on all the rides I wanted to..), but I'll add this to Vienna, Amsterdam and Rome to my solo visits. I'll be staying with someone I found on couchsurfing.com. Then I meet my parents and brother in Paris. Then we go to Dublin and the rest of Ireland.

Be back in two weeks.

February 15, 2007


I didn't plan on the traditional double decker bus or red phonebooth to be in the photo as well. Thank the French girl who took the picture for filling the frame with so many London trademarks.

February 28, 2007

Big Dipper

I really hate the sound of my voice here

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