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June 19, 2007

We're getting closer

I'm just over two weeks into my new job. My paper nametag tent says "Kevin / Kev-o" because the instructor asked us to put our names and any nicknames we had on it. Only one person has ever called me Kev-o (Mary) and since there was another Kevin in the class and I can lie to these strangers I thought I'd use it. (It's better than Kevie [Blake], Kevian [Anna], Tim Tim/Tim Tam, etc.) It's really weird hearing people call me Kev-o. Kind of annoying, really. My dad had a friend named Rico and he once asked him why he went by Rico instead of his real name Dave. The guy said, "Because I tell people to."

I was thinking about how we use 0 as a placeholder and it blew my mind. I read up on it and the reason/history kind of makes sense, but still. This 'nothingness' also represents 'times ten, hundred, million, etc.'

I really hope Mitt Romney becomes the Republican presidential nominee. So many people say they wouldn't vote for him because he's a Mormon. Many others are campaigning for him saying, "Look, he's not the same type of Christian as you and you may even say his people are heathens, but he's a great guy! You just believe in different fairy tales. Look at his values!" And many are saying, "Yeah, good point. He hates the same stuff as me! And he likes some stuff I do too. Yeah!" I think he's a stepping stone to people being comfortable with atheist candidates. It's like saying, "He doesn't believe in the fairy tales you believe in, but look at his values!" Gooooo Mitt!

If we can make it past the loss of bees, peak oil, global warming, nuclear war, asteroids, 2012 and Nicholae Carpathia, I'm convinced everything's going to be alright. I've been reading Ray Kurzweil's The Singularity Is Near and the way science is moving exponentially, we're going to be okay! Insanely okay. Like, having sex with robots while flying magic wings powered by the sun okay! Believe it, Tom.

And now: Rae and I stargazing.

June 27, 2007

The one thing I learned this weekend

Despite all the irritating nonsense we all went through late last week and the other stuff I'd rather not discuss, I did learn something.

In the age of spice routes- when pepper was worth its weight in gold- anything to make a dry, rotting piece of meat taste better improved a family's quality of life. And they would do anything to acquire the spice. They would even force their children to cry by scaring them or hurting their feelings so they could bottle the tears to perk up the meal.

Kevin Lies: Episode Two

If you're ever in the driver's side backseat of a Trailblazer and Christopher Lloyd is standing outside talking to your dad, who's in the driver's seat, and he reaches his hand through the window to shake your hand, watch out! He has a firm handshake and you'd better reciprocate and make him proud. While you're doing this you'll think, "I forgot that my family knows famous people. I'd better squeeze Christopher Lloyd's hand tight to impress him." When you do this he'll smile and compliment you on the shake.

June 29, 2007

Two truths and a lie

During the past four weeks of work I have worn only one pair of pants.

My landlord in Montauban and I were talking about French expressions used in English just before I left and I asked him about the origins of "carte blanche". During Napoleon's invasion of Russia his officers were spread out and needed orders. He had no time to draft specific instructions for each officer and would instead send blank parchment indicating that they were to use any means necessary to attain a victory.

Matt Finnegan and I ate in total darkness at a resturant near the Centre Pompidou staffed by blind servers.

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