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September 1, 2007

Everything is different

· I quit Farmers Insurance a few weeks ago but timed it so that I would have vision insurance. I now wear glasses and as of today no longer have vision insurance. I need glasses for night driving but man am I wearing them all the time. It's amazing how much sharper everything is. I feel like I'd been visually ripped off in the past. I've wanted glasses since I was a kid but never needed them. But now! AND I think I look better as a human with them.

This is what I look like wearing them in the morning

· Last week I started house-sitting for a GVSU professor. I love it. I have everything I need (including a yoga/trumpet room) with so much space. I hope to sort through my things and cut down my possessions while here so I can just keep moving easily forever.

· Language Lab orientations started this week and in the weeks before I worked on different segments for the orientation video. Including this one... (pardon the 24 seconds of black at the end...)

· This week was also my first week as a French 101 professor at GVSU. It's intimidating and exciting. I'm very glad it's 101 because it's easier for me to start at the beginning with them. I became so excited in class on Tuesday night that I forgot to go over the syllabus because I got caught in a tangent that started with saying "Bless you" in French and led us to conjugating our first verb (too early). Thursday was more controlled but most wanted to see the first Laker football game. Instead they learned how to tell time and their homework was to teach someone else how to tell time in French. BOOYAH!

· I drive a car from the house to a bus stop to take me to GVSU. I own a car now; something I've never technically done. I haven't regularly driven a car since 2002. I let my brother use my old car and he totaled it but I didn't mind. The moral of my story is I hate gas prices, checking oil/tires/coolant, etc. but it is (obviously) nice having transportational freedom. Still, I wish I could just bike/bus it everywhere.

· I'm not going to eat cheese in September to try and work my way toward veganism. I've felt like a glutton on it lately; eating cream cheese on so many everything bagels, swallowing Meijer pizzas whole and sucking on chunks of Gouda. It needs to stop and I love making clean breaks on clearly defined days.

· Today marks Day 2 of my six-day break. I should hear about substitute teaching for Grand Rapids Public soon, but they don't start school until next week and in the meantime I'll be reading One Hundred Years of Solitude by Marquez, riding "my" bike on these sweet Ada trails and getting some sun.

Goodnight August and Happy Birthday Matt Wilson.

September 10, 2007

Ceci n'est pas une pipe

Despite any advice I may have been given in the past or any that may be solicited after I recount this, I do not think I will, should or even can talk to my high school band instructor. Two afternoons ago, during a nap, I had what makes roughly the 15th nightmare over the past seven years involving me being confronted by the instructor. I think I've recounted this here before but I'll summarize. After I didn't do well on an exam that placed me last chair at the end of the fall semester my senior year I quit band by leaving my uniform and instrument on my chair. I wasn't an important musician but I heard the man was confused and upset by how I quit. We haven't spoken.

The dream I had involved him running up to me and calling me over. I dream-thought, "Oh no, he's going to confront me about it all and yell at me." No, he instead yelled at me for lying on my weekly practice chart. It was like lying on a time card for work in some way. So we had a shouting match where I called him out on being mean to students and knocked over trophies. Later a large group of people were watching a recorded performance of the band, excluding me, performing their Pink Floyd routine (that I actually participated in) in England. Some were criticizing it and it was bad but I wanted to be defiant and I cheered the band on. Some strange-looking man near me scoffed and told me, "Take your drama elsewhere, Mr. LJ." I stood up and started to yell at him and push him. Security was called and I was dragged out while flipping everyone off and grabbing my crotch.

September 22, 2007

The hypermarché is coming

I'm going to reformat this blog as a catalogue of inventions yet to be made and noteworthy wikipedia entries. Before the design change and real content transfer I'll give you one of my recent finds.


I was thinking about names and their variations across several languages. I wondered if the male given name Mario is a masculine form of Maria and then if it were the only name that was derived from a female name. No and no.

Then I thought of the name Gary and how it's a silly name that I associate with lecherous business executives or socially retarded software engineers. I couldn't think of its equivalent in other languages or even its origins. Wikipedia told me:

The name Gary is derived from the word spear in Old English & Germanic languages, and used to describe a "spear thrower".

More importantly, I found:

Gary was relatively rare as a given name in the 1900-1920s period (e.g., in the 1910s it was the 677th most frequent name, given to less than 0.01% of the babies born in that decade). However, when the actor's Gary, Indiana-born agent Nan Collins told him to change his name (then Frank Cooper) to Gary, this name's popularity soared. In the 1930s, 0.38% of the male babies in America were named Gary, and in the 1950s as many as 1.54% of the male babies were given this name, making it the 12th most popular given name of that decade. The name Gary reached its record popularity (9th place) in 1954, the year after Gary Cooper received his Best Actor Academy Award for his leading role in High Noon. Since then, the popularity of Gary as a given name in America has been on a very slow, but steady decline.

Super duper!

September 24, 2007

It isn't every day that you injure and almost kill your grandmother.

I "helped" George with g-rad's most recent challenge for Ultimate Blogger 3 on Saturday night. Mostly, I let him take a nap and woke him up so he could finish working on the challenge while I sat frustrated with myself in being tired and not knowing how to help or trim down some text. I eventually left so I could sleep. The next morning I picked up my grandmother, maternal, with Rae and we went to my parents' house to go boating.

Fatigue (moderate, as I've been sleeping plenty lately) and crabbiness were kicking in and I refused to let my brother drive my parents' car, a manual transmission, because I wanted radio control and not to have to sit in the back. Rae went to ride with my parents, Lance climbed in the back seat of the car and my grandmother started to get in the front passenger seat. As she was opening the door to get in I started the car by putting my foot on the clutch and turning the ignition. This is where it all goes wrong.

When I drive my parents' car and park it, I use the emergency brake. When my mother drives their car and parks it, she turns the car off and puts it into gear- pretty much the same as the e-brake.

Time line is approximate...
The car started.
I took my foot off the clutch.
The car screeched forward.
My grandmother was jostled as she held onto the door.
I turned the car off.
My grandmother fell backward on her ass.
I stare, speechless.
My grandmother hits her head on something during the fall.
I realize my mother was in the garage, in front of the car, almost getting hit.
People in the driveway ask what happened.
I have no idea where Lance is as I wasn't paying attention.
My grandmother asks for a silver knife.
My brother goes to my grandmother to help her.
My grandmother is bleeding from her head.
I walk away from the car and my grandmother and begin to cry.
I walk to my grandmother to weakly attempt to help and get blood on my hand.
My mother and father are at my grandmother's side checking her.
I walk away from her again and cry some more.
My father asks for the keys to be taken out of the ignition.
My grandmother is brought inside.
She has peroxide, ointments, bandages, etc. applied.
It is decided that she won't need a visit to the ER.
I am away, crying in bathroom.
My grandmother calls me in and tells me to stop crying.
We go boating.

My favorite part of the boat ride is when my dad sped along Spring Lake and I stood up, letting the waves bounce me without holding on as I like to do. The comfortable breeze flew at my face and forced my eyes shut, blowing more tears away.

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