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September 19, 2008


Today at work a small amount of spit from my mouth accumulated on the first knuckle of my left index finger- probably from my excessive mouth breathing due to my cold AND the fact that I keep a clenched fist near my mouth probably due to some insecurity. I smelled the spit. It didn't smell like spit. It smelled like co-mingled spit. I let a touch more spit accumulate by seeping out of my mouth so I could smell it more and reminisce. Specifically, it reminded me of my long-term high school girlfriend, but I also got flashes from girlfriends. Flashes of intense half-hour-long make-out sessions where spit would dry up around our mouths. It wasn't necessarily attractive but it was something. Then I wiped off the drool, blew my nose and ate a nectarine.

Whither fled our youthful passion?

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