About LAMB

An on-going conversation within the Grand Rapids young artist community culminated in early 2006, when the buzz of the Free Radical Gallery Exhibition on South Division in Grand Rapids, Michigan was upon us. This culmination resulted in this forum for critical discussion about art being made in Grand Rapids and elsewhere. With all the art that was being displayed, how were we to understand it? Where was the interpreting community that could discuss the art, why it is important (why it isn't), and provide an all-too-neglected critical context for art, not only in Grand Rapids, but also beyond.

So began the idea for LAMB, the Little Art Mag Blog, which seeks to provide a forum in which art can be examined and idea of criticism can be explored in a non-academic, yet intellectual capacity. We're interested in criticism that engages the art being produced today and placing it in the context of the larger trajectory of art history. In view of this aim, we hope to further the enterprise of art in all its facets, from the aesthetic to the political.

Who are we?

We're two native Grand Rapidians, Jonathan Dawe and Benjamin Schaafsma. We could be more, should you be interested.

Our headquarters and mailing address is:
613 Lyon NE
Grand Rapids MI 49503

Where do you fit in?

We're very interested in hearing what you have to say. The format of this blog is rather like that of a publication, with articles and essays featured per "issue." However, unlike traditional print material, your comments are a vital part of the content of the blog and keeping the dynamism of the dialogue continuing.