LAMB #2 available!

This issue of LAMB attempts to weave ideas about collaboration, relational and social practices and localism together in both art and non-art settings.

The edition brings together articles about the conversation and critiques of relational aesthetics, collaboration among artists and different ways in which art informs place on a local level, as well as how specific localities inform the art and culture that spawn from them.

In conjunction with this issue, LAMB offers a brief exhibition of collaborative groups that have worked on the 600 block of Lyon St in Grand Rapids, MI as a starting point to understand collaboration, social sculpture, art and locality, while at the same time connecting Lyon St to a similar larger movement in the art world, institutions and everyday life.

Also included in this issue is a hand-printed G-Roup Work Map by Josh Ippel, a map of groups, institutions and movements as they relate to the 600 block of Lyon St in Grand Rapids, MI.

Going price for this issue is $2 (you can pay more, if you'd like). Email jonathan [dot] dawe ((at)) gmail dot com to procure a copy. Otherwise, they should be available at NEST (613 Lyon). If shipping, please be prepared to pay an additional $2.

Posted on October 11, 2006 5:43 PM


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