Grand Valley Artists Celebrate 50 years, GRAM announces opening date

Grand Valley Artists Celebrate 50 Years

As abstract expressionism began to take hold as the innovative style in the U.S. in the 1950s, there were some that felt otherwise. In Grand Rapids, a group of young artists began working together to maintain their realistic style of painting. William Kubiak, Reynold "Rey" Weidenaar, Thomas Hoover, Carl Forslund and Armand Merizon formed the Grand Valley Artists group and have been working together since with the association now reaching over 250 artists.

"Artists work alone. It's a cocoon-like existence," said Forslund, who still attends monthly GVA critiques after all these years. "This group gives us the opportunity to interrelate, work together (and find) camaraderie." (Grand Rapids Press, 2/18/07)

GVA will be celebrating their 50 years on April 27 at their new space located at 1120 Monroe Ave. NW

GRAM announces opening date

After minor delays, and waiting with anticipation - the Grand Rapids Art Museum has now announced an official opening date of October 5, 2007. If you haven't heard this a hundred times already, the GRAM will be the first and only art museum in the world to have its entire facilities LEED certified.

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