Editor's Pasture

First Edition!

Welcome to LAMB! On behalf of Ben Schaafma and myself, we're really glad you're reading. This project has been a passion of ours since April of this year and we're very excited to see it finally launch.

A couple of newsworthy items:

1) The print edition of LAMB will be limitedly available at the G-RAD NEST / LAMB launch party on Labor Day (Sept 4) at the NEST at 613 Lyon NE, 49503. This will mark its official launch. Which brings me to...

2) We're just finishing up final edits on all the articles, doing last-minute layout to both the print and online editions, and working on lots of details that should hopefully make this publication awesome. Which brings me to...

3) We really appreciate your contribution to this publication. In fact, it's absolutely vital. Send us essays. We'll publish them. Send us reviews of shows, news of shows, photos of artwork, comments on published articles.

Finally, stay patient while we try to work out all of the kinks and bugs. Some of the articles have been edited very recently, so if you were grammatically offended or slain by syntax, take a breath and read it again.

Again, thanks for reading!

Jonathan Dawe (aka jdawe)

Posted on September 2, 2006 | Comments (2)