How do you like me now!?

This monthly column allows an artisit, curator, cultural critic or just an awesome person to list their top 10 for right now! "Top 10 what?" you might be asking - top 10 ANYTHING! That's right, each month someone will break it down for us as to what's important to them and what makes a difference in their lives.

HDYLMN #2: Dave Prinsen

Dave Prinsen is a BFA graduate of Calvin College and received his MFA from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He formed the Dynamite Gallery with Brad Budde.

10. Steven Colbert’s Book Club

I don’t have any cable access right now but if I did I would be compiling a reading list selected from Steven Colbert’s guest-author list.

9. Feist

Her first album is so unbelievably good. I love it. She just charms me, fixes me, melts me, Mushabooms me.

8. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the ultimate place to get lost, learn, forget, and relearn. If no one knows in the room, I don’t want to hear anyone say “just google it” anymore. Lets really get to the bottom of it and “wiki it” or suggest “pediating it”, or something.


This has got to be the best little autonomous marketing entertainment flash site on the net.

6. Hockey

(Particularly the Vancouver Canucks), I love hockey. As far as civilized modified warfare goes it takes the prize. Put swords on your feet, use them to move on ice, hit each other and a rock with sticks, and when fighting, remove gloves, grab each others clothing with left hand and pummel with right. It helps to be Canadian.

5. Ed Rucha’s Wow Huh, Huh Wow Dichotomy

There’s two types of art, he says. The Wow Huh type, or the Huh Wow type. Which one would you rather produce? Choose wisely.

4. Mel Bochner

I Love Mel Bochner. He measured rooms. Good one, Mel. We will all be thinking about that for a long time. He measured 8.5 x 11 inch paper. Can anyone guess what the recorded results were? Reader, if you don’t think that’s deep, you’re shallow.

3. Ad Reinhardt

He never went all the way. Why? He was obviously a reductionism promoting the high modern philosophies. But he never went all black. What is stopping you, Ad? What secret did you carry to your Grave? Was it all a hoax, a ruse, were all the paradigms you rode to success a sham, and is your legacy a trail for us to follow? If he wrote it down or mentioned it can someone please let me know so I can pull my head out of my ass.

2. Bigfoot

Ok I think that Bigfoot is the most important epistemological issue to date. It’s a compelling philosophically robust fulcrum. So many disciplines could suitably position themselves against the great question of Bigfoot. Sociologically? Existentially? Come on. Put on your deep thinking cap and think--what if? Holy shit! WHAT IF!?

1. John Stiver’s Theory

His theory that the musical pioneering of Phillip Glass was directly related to, or a consequence of, the Eisenhower freeway system. I mention it here, one—because I’m impressionable and fancy it true, two—John is the Lorenzo de Medici of Lyon St. culture, and three—I wanted to prove to John that one of his harebrained ideas was, in fact, publishable.


HDYLMN #1: Nick Stockton


Nick Stockton is a graduate of Kendall College. Most recently Nick has opened »FWD Space, an interdisciplinary contemporary exhibition space, on the 100 block of S. Division Ave., now known as the Avenue for the Arts. When not kicking it on his moped, Nick is taking photographs and working at Lafontsee Galleries as "The Man."

10. Pale Ale

Beer is great!! Especially hoppy bitter Pales. There are few that I dislike and many that I love. Dogfish Head from Milton, Delaware is an excellent brewery. They make so many wonderous pales almost as if they
specialize in them. The 60min,90min, and 120min pales are all amazing but must be had in a glass. An IPA that I'm sipping now called Aprihop is brewed with apricots and is wonderous. A pale on a hot summer day, whether its, Mad Hatter from New Holland, Founders IPA or one of the great beers from the Constituttion state, always takes the pallet on a tour.

9. Asian Cuisine

I have a love for the culinary arts of the fas east. In particular Indian and Thai. So much so that here is one of my curry recipes. However, I do not use measuring devies so neither will you. Chicken 3-4 breasts browned in oil(not olive, it doesnt burn hot enough) peanut or corn while chicken is browning season with cumin. coriander. madras curry. dash cinnamon. sea salt. these spices vary. pending on what I have
around. But if you stick to Indian Spices you can't go wrong. Remove chicken from saute pan. Add more oil and saute some thin sliced onion 2-3 small to medium onions. As the onion carmalizes add a dash
brown sugar. They will be brillant brown. Once that seems as though it is finishing add 4-6 cloves of minced garlic. DO NOT LET THE GARLIC BROWN it will get bitter. A nice golden color is what you want.
Once the garlic is ready add chicken amd saute. Oh you are cooking at a med high heat. You may want to through more spices in, I do. Especially more cinnamon and brown sugar. After that goes for a few. Add some diced tomatos.3-4 diced really, really well. Or a thirty once can. Reduce heat to low let that shit ride, taste to see if it needs anything and eat when you are ready.

8. Cooking

I love cooking. I find it relaxing. The preperation the marrying of spices, everything that goes into a dish. Especially when the ingredinats are scarce. The creativity that results is mostly never
again duplicated.

7. Not folding laundry

I hate having piles of clothes.The line between dirty and clean blurs. I think that I love to hate folding clothes. I will look at the clothes and think I should fold those. But evertime I just pile. Its interesting because I enjoy order and minamalism and loth clutter. But my clothes seem to be exempt.

6. My Cimatti City Bike

I bought Ryan T's moped before he moved to Champange. It is such a blast. I feel tough. Knowing how much I look completly not tough.

5. Epic days

Whether it is traveling to the far reaches of the world or hanging out in a yard playing bocce or swimming in the big lake. Those days that seem to be the ones that you hope to remember for

4. Junior Mints

I don't have them as much as once did, but I don't need to. The thought of them makes my mind rush to some of my earliest memories of life.

3. Nearing 30

I love getting older and growing more grey hair. Gaining more and more knowledge and experiance of life. Compiling stories to tell my grand kids of the days when I was their age.

2. Telling stories

I think that there is an art to telling a good story. Some stories are so good they tell themselves. Sometimes its the audience and the time and place that makes it a good story. Others its the ability to not
worry about embelishing something to make the story better and hope that the embellishment grows as the story is retold.

1. Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is full of possibilities. It is full of great people and availbity to make visions of creativity take hold. Vernors can be bought in ever store, thrift stores are alive with amazing finds and the lake is a half hour away. It is community, it it a secret gem, it is home.