Live Silkscreen Printing @ >>FWD

September 8 - 5 PM - 9 PM


>>FWD is the newest endeavor by local artist Nick Stockton. Stockton is a 2002 graduate of Kendal College of Art and Design. Currently a working artist, his concentration is in photography but has been working with video and screen-printing. >>FWD is a live/work space located on the Avenue of the Arts on S. Division. Stockton has created a vibrant workspace that hopes to have a productive and successful first year of programming in the gallery.

>>FWD will host live silkscreen printing in the gallery on September 8 from 5 PM – 9 PM that will coincide with the Avenue for Arts’ Artist Market. >>FWD is located at


New Work @ Capsule

Sept. 8 - Nov. 10


Capsule is a live/work space located at 136 S. Division in Grand Rapids, MI - birthed from Dwelling Place’s new Avenue of the Arts initiative. Capsule is run by husband and wife duo, Cameron and Rachel Vandyke. Cameron studied Furniture Design at Rochester Institute of Technology a discipline he has been working and exhibiting in since 1994. He now lives and works from his space in Grand Rapids – appropriately, the furniture city. Cameron has exhibited his work throughout Michigan, as well as Chicago and New York City since 1998. His current work is very much in line with many other designers working within Modern style, which has become very popular to urban re-dwellers via magazines such as Dwell.

Ironically, 136 S. Division was formerly home to K Studio, a work space of local artist Shelly Klein. Klein sometimes created very geometric furniture similar to Van Dyke, but her paintings, drawings and prints also happen to be reminiscent with the work of Rachel Van Dyke.

Van Dyke’s paintings often include stick figurish line drawings of birds, similar to Klein. Her new work that will be on display include

abstracted Schielesque portraits intersected with text and line drawing that seem almost autonomous from the portrait presented.

Tim Bosworth will also have painterly color abstracted work on display as well.

Opening reception is September 8, 2006 from 5 PM – 9 PM which will coincide with the Division Ave Artist Market.


Under Cover: An Exhibition of Artists' Books @ Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts

Sept. 8 - Nov. 10


The Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts [UICA] has offered hit or miss shows for the last year, but Under Cover, judging by past work of the artists that are showing, should be a hit. A quote from the UICA's website describes the upcoming exhibition as, "the convergence of contemporary art with the literary and visual traditions of books and book making. Through this exhibition, the UICA hopes to promote awareness of the vibrant artist book genre, and to cultivate the innovative relationship of text and image, narrative and form."

Looking at the previous work of artists in the show, such as Curt Ikens, a show of collected 'artist books' is not a fair description. In a series entitled Accumulator, Ikens, a native of Michigan who received his BFA from Eastern Michigan University and his MFA from Rutgers, collects NY Times newspaps daily and then shreds them at the end of each month. The result is a pile of shredded newspaper which takes on a form similar to a bail of hay. The form, seriality and presentation is reminiscent of minimalist sculpture but refuses to be autonomous from our daily lives. According to the UICA's website his piece invites visitors "to actually walk on the installment as a part of the experience Ikens intends to communicate."

Other artists with work in Under Cover include, Brad McCombs, Amy Youngs and Mary M Mazziotti. An artists' reception will be help Sept. 8 from 6 PM to 9 PM at the UICA located at 41 Sheldon Blvd Grand Rapids, MI.


New Paintings by Jeff Vandenberg and Marc Paffi @ the DAAC

Sept. 9 - 21


Grand Rapids' Division Street has always had Reb Roberts, but Jeff Vandenberg seems to also have made it his home. JVB has not only made the gallery at the Division Ave Arts Cooperative his home but also Division Street itself. Mostly a self-trained artist, JVB has explored painting with a folk-art sensibility from painting trees on vinyl records to painting a giant head of a gorilla on an abandoned store front along Division Ave. More recently, JVB's painting revolve around a nostalgic teenage boy sensibility, involving robots, dinosaurs and references to things like Voltron.

Rock 'n roll and painting have seem to meeting up at the same venues lately. Daniel Johnston's [folk rocker/happy man] inclusion in the Whitney Biennial was not the beginning, but it surely has helped increase visibility for these Bo Jacksons of culture. Marc Paffi is the singer of the Detroit based band Bear vs Shark. Just as Raymond Pettibone, brother of Greg Ginn Black Flag frontman, Paffi seems to have a grasp on creating a visual zeitgeist of the post-emo rock world.

The two artists have come together with figurative and abstracted imaginary animals in the show False Animals, which will be on display from Sept. 9 - 21 at the Division Ave Arts Cooperative located at 115 S. Division.

Opening reception will be Sept. 9 from 8 PM - 12 AM.


Art Meeting the Sacred @ Eyekons Gallery

Sept. 15 and 16


Eyekons gallery has filled a void in Grand Rapids as being a home to many local artists dealing with spirituality and contemporary cultural and social issues. Artists such as Rick Beerhorst, Mary Ellen Macnaughton, Eric Nykamp and Jan Quinn have found Eyekons as their home.

Eyekons displays as a very traditional gallery, but hosts many roundtable discussions conerning the issues said artists are dealiing with in their work.

On Sept. 15 and 16, Eyekons will present Interfaith Dialogue Association's fall confernce entitle Art Meeting the Sacred in tandem with artists' work under the same title. More information about the conference can be found here.



James Karsina is an accomplished artist and former art instructor from the Midwest. Painting for over 40 years, his vibrantly colored landscapes are currently exhibited at LaFontsee Galleries and will be featured in October's upcoming exhibition.

James Karsina is the recipient of several awards and has exhibited widely, including a thirty-year retrospective exhibition at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. In addition to his representation in museums and universities, his work is included in over forty corporate collections and more than 350 private collections.
From LaFontsee Galleries (