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May 29, 2008

The CC Band

Two things interest me more than anything else: music (mostly weird and mostly vinyl) and Grand Rapids. So it makes sense that I go nuts for Grand Rapids related records. Well, interesting GR related records I should say (there is no shortage of terrible LPs from local doe-eyed singing Christians).

I about peed myself when I found two copies of "Damn It's A Jam" w/ "I Just Wanna Be On The Air" by the CC Band last Winter. Apparently, The CC Band was a local electro/rap/boogie group. They released this 7" on the label MEC Enterprises Records in 1990 but there is not much more info on the records than this (besides the last names and first initial of the artists). I don't know anything about the group or label, nor could I find anything about them online which makes them oh so much more exciting. One copy is black vinyl and the other is clear blue. So rad.


Side A is not revolutionary, but totally fun (even if the slide-whistle sounds corny as hell). The best part of it is the GR shout-out at the 1:05 mark. (By-the-way, I collect GR shout-out songs, if you know any send them my way!)

The B side is the gem in my opinion. It reminds me of Death Comet Crew with its experimental bent, but it sounds from the laughing that they were just dicking around. I love it when one of the dudes keeps yelling "I know my rights!" over and over.

Either way, definitely one of my favorite all-time finds.

Click on the image of side A and B to listen to the tracks.



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May 28, 2008

That's Nice!

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Matt and I'm really, really boring.
No, really, it's true. Check it out:



Luckily for me, the world is not boring. It is filled with interesting ideas and moments and places and records. I try to fill up my brain with that stuff to resist the unrelenting suck of my utter dullness. So here, in my blog Nice!, I'll share the cool things I find out about the world with the world. Nice!

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