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December 18, 2008

Hello Friends Podcast #7: XXX-Mas

Neither Beezy or I are fans of Christmas music. I would say it's possibly my least favorite music of all time. So when he suggested that we do a Christmas podcast I was not into it. Really not into it.

What convinced me was when he said we should find songs that WE are into. Even if they are dirty, odd or grating. That I could do.

What you have here is a selection of No Wave, Hip Hop, remixed, hair rock and other kinds of slightly depraved Christmas music. Many of the songs feature terrible people doing terrible Christmas things. This is Christmas for horrible people. So if you are looking for a feel goodsy Christmas mix wait a couple of days we will be posting a great one made by a friend. But until then get fucked up with us!


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December 11, 2008

Hello Friends Podcast #6: Beezy Brings the Big Guns (City Motivator Doesn't Go Easy Either)

The latest podcast features some heavy hitting tracks from both Beezy and City Motivator. No theme this time except great tracks to nod your head to. Check it out here:


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December 4, 2008

Hello Friends Podcast #5: R.I.P. MC Breed (and Other Dead People)

Two weeks ago Flint rapper MC Breed died of kidney failure at age 36. He may never have become a superstar, but many of his songs stand the test of time and are remarkable coming from a person who was not part of any (recognized) major rap city or scene.

Beezy breaks down why he likes MC Breed and why you have been missing out. I talk about songs from other people who died too young.

Check it!

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