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January 17, 2009

TONIGHT! Dubstep Swarms GR Airwaves

Check out WYCE tonight (technically Sunday morning) from 1-2am, Beezy and I will be spinning our favorite Dubstep tracks on Outobol's radio show.

You can listen online here:

Don't miss it!

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January 9, 2009

Hello Friends Podcast #8: Getting Our Podcast Legs Back

Its been a few weeks but Beezy and I are back with another episode of Hello Friends. This podcast features music we listened to while on break and like usual the selection is pretty diverse. It would be much less diverse if we played what we were actually listening to most of the time since episode 7: Dubstep. We figured those tunes could take a back seat since we will play Dubstep pretty much exclusively the next time we grace the airwaves at WYCE (1-2:00 am January 18th if you are wondering).

For now, check out the site changes (including a great photo taken by Greg Grutman) and catch some new tracks. And as promised you can now simply go to hellofriendspodcast.com and skip the .wordpress junk.

episode 8!

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