JULY 27, 2005 10:00 PM

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JULY 20, 2005 11:36 AM

So we "went camping tonight."
When that didn't seem to work out we were "going to have a great time staying at motel and enjoying the hot tub."
Then we just went home, defeated.
I have always had the suspicion about American cities that they start to entrap you as a huge suburban vortex after you spend too much time in them. Who has ever seen a beach that closes after a certain time of day? Who could possess the powers to close a beach, let alone plant little estates along the shore in such density that there is no room even to pitch a tiny tiny tent? Private property clearly is the root problem. I will not allow the conclusion that I am just too stupid to get myself a map.
I will go and see a movie by the traintracks on Thursday night. The "Portable Camera" will be screening "Closely Watched Trains" on the corner of Bridge and Alabama on an empty parking lot. For free, for everyone. Take that city planners and lovers of property.

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JULY 9, 2005 1:24 AM

A huge hole is being dug in the city of Hamburg. Archeologists are looking for the ruins of a castle, the Hammaburg, dating back more than 1200 years. Although no historical evidence has ever been procured for the castle's actual existence, scientists agree that the name Hamburg is a direct derivative of "Hammaburg," a clue that to many is a sure sign that the medieval castle is more than mere myth. Rimbert of Bremen, arch bishop of Hamburg and the city of Bremen in the 9th century, reports that the castle and neighbouring monastery were destroyed by a pillaging hord of vikings in the year 845. Historians predict that the recovery of historical evidence in one of Hamburg's prime real estate locations will be a feat - time is pressing and developers are an impatient lot. The attention is concentrated on the location of a former latrine in the southwestern corner of the city square. Although most of Hamburg's above- and subsurface architecture were detroyed in the bombings of WWII, the latrine survived the bombings unscathed. The archeologists now digging below the remains of the former latrine predict that a layer of black sand around three meters below surface may hint at the burnt remains of Hammaburg.

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