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AUGUST 13, 2005 3:45 PM

If you haven't heard the news, Pat's Place, Grand Rapid's most cozy bar and South Division's only one without too much nakedness has closed down. It was also the only place to have a beer downtown that was not ruthlessly air-conditioned or else likened to overpriced pseudo hip yuppie hell holes like the Black Rose, Gardellas, San Chez or whatever their pretentious names are. It's a shame, and a horrible loss indeed.
It would be nice to get a collection of Pat's place memorable moments, so please add yours in the comments section if you will.
My favourite Pat's Place memory is from only two weeks or so ago. We were sitting at the counter, and Pat and the drag queen (Kurly, Corky?) and three other men in their 60s who authentically resembled their female counterparts (more convincing and excitingly female than most women we mused) were showing off pink plush toys to each other. One little flamingo was placed on the tab, and I watched it nod to the side and finally fall, until Pat came back to reposition it. It was whimsical and sweet. Everything had a happy pink glow. Being called "sweetie" by Pat felt like an honor, like she allowed you to momentarily enter the little world they had made up for themselves. Where are they now? Will "Bar 42" have any of Pat's Place's charm?

I used to have to wait for the bus there when there was construction on Fulton.

It seemed kind of strange to me.

I like Joey's lounge for non-bougie charm.

Anthony | August 13, 2005 9:13 PM

I personally loved the "only fried food after 8:00" rule. Something about it was so comforting! :)

Steph | August 13, 2005 9:34 PM

i already posted this on scemo, but when i used to bar-hop with my brother we'd always start the night out at pat's, drink miller light, and play pool with the very gay men. at the time my brother was the bartender at la cantina (next door) so he knew all the people there. some crazy rich native american lady who used to give him books would buy us beer and give me money to put pat's songs on the jukebox. as far as i know, it was the only jukebox in the world that had her music on it.

meredith | August 14, 2005 11:54 PM

That sucks, no more pat's place.
It was the perfect place to grab a drink between bands at the DAAC.

The first time i ever went there, we had go idea it was gay, and we brought the parents of a guy in the band that was playing the daac. His dad ordered a Zima and we still laugh about it ever time it's brought up.

The best story i heard was from a guy that made an attempt to buy the place. He said it took the owner several years to realize that the bartender was not actually a woman.

Once I overheard the bartender entertaining a group of guys sitting at the bar. One of the guys had said that he was bisexual. The bartender responded "I'm bisexual too, honey. I like men AND boys!"

JVB | August 15, 2005 2:28 PM

last year on 9/11 a group went there for the occasion of the dashing carlhugmeyer's twenty1st year. we were drinking corky's heady tropical concoctions when a few of the regulars overheard that there was a birthday in the house. they went into a backroom, presumably the kitchen, and returned with the quip "i hope you like cherry cheesecake" as they presented carl with a festively lit candle perched atop an inch square stack of american cheese flanked by two maraschino cherries. such joy.

nina/marielagrave | August 16, 2005 11:01 AM


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