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OCTOBER 23, 2005 5:10 PM

Today, two of my roommates and I took a trip to the abandoned Olympic Village. It was built by the Nazis in 1936, and then used as a military base by the Soviets. You can walk around in the empty buildings that are now inhabited only by sheep judging from the smell. You could see the sheep running around nearby too. I was reminded of a video installation by Aernout Mik Chris and I saw at the MCA in Chicago a while ago. It showed the site of a recent bus accident. Anybody involved in the accident was absent from the scene. Instead a herd of sheep was crossing back and forth over the highway. Then and today at the overgrown housing site in the fall rain I was made to feel something strong about nature and the absence of human drama.
By stretching out my hand through a hole in the wall I could take a picture of the inside of the former olympic swimming pool. It looked like a cave made from blue tile, rust and rain drops.


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