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NOVEMBER 14, 2005 4:27 PM

Look, enlightenment is mass deception:


What went on at Alexanderplatz today?


I like seeing my favourite Berlin landmark illuminated by a large beam of light that seems to come out of nowhere (but actually has its source rather disappointingly on some street corner I passed on my way home). But as it appears, this is just a test-run for a much more grande project. I'm not sure if you will follow me with this, as it is hard to believe for myself. The TV Tower, that beloved symbol of the soaring peek and magnificent strength of the socialist enterprise (..), quite visible for anyone with eyes to see, a modernist spectacle of concrete standing erect, a perfect sphere of glass and steel, will soon be clad in pink and white, A PINK AND WHITE SOCCER BALL! Yes, for the upcoming world cup, Fernsehturm will be Soccerballturm. Why pink and white, I ask, now, that is just ridiculous? Because those are the colours of the German Telecom, this year's World Cup's official sponsor! Yes, Genossen, in the year that will see the dismantling of the "People's Palace," just down the street from Alexanderplatz, we will also see the trademark colours of the privatized phone company being displayed in shape of Germany's second other trademark symbol, way up there over all our heads, unsubmittingly illuminated by a beam of light in the night sky.
While following the controversy over the sacking of the Volkspalast, I had been wondering why they don't also get rid of the Fernsehturm. It would only seem consistent, following the logic of new regime replacing the symbols of old regime. Unter den Linden is being turned into a disneyfied museum district; ugly modern socialist architecture down, classical-imperialist architecture up, is the scheme. But why bother demolishing the TV tower, when it can easily be turned into a fantastical 3-d monument to our two favourites! Panem et Circenses rule the best!

I was in that tower once - in the rotating restaurant - i had a potsdamer or something like that -beer and 'fanta'.

bnjmn | November 15, 2005 3:22 AM


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