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JANUARY 8, 2006 4:43 PM

Tim, who organized the osoe at Messhall last summer, was over for a visit in Berlin. Him and his friend Casey took me to the Hoffmann Collection on Saturday, and I made Indian food in exchange for news from America and delicious green tea soaked in milk. Tim was so nice to drop off a copy of the OSOE compilation and now I hold in my hands this fine work of packaging design. Included are 15 tracks "from the accessible to the opaque, spanning hardcore noise and abstract pop, representing a cross section of both live performances and recorded works." On it is also my own "Little B." that is the outcome of a summer spent in the Meinke lodging fiddling with contact mics, a broken synth and Ken firing the bb gun.


This is a quote from OSOE's delicious mission statement: "Open Source/Open Ear has been imagined and interpreted variously as a festival, a convergence, and archive, a gig.. it has been able to navigate many forms of cultural capture, and yet resists being fully contained or summarized. It is perhaps best described as a process - one of experimentation, exchange, performance - an invitation to participate in protopolitical subcultural sounding. It has been an attempt to present interventions, non-traditional formats, sonic experimentation and improvisation.. a wide net to cast, perhaps, but necessarily so, as the ideas are tangential and transmutable by nature. Running off with programming politics and an ear to the tracks, OSOE seeks to engender a community outside the purview of capitalist entertainment ventures and fame-seeking ego orgasms."
I loved this project. Unfortunately Tim moved away to L.A. and he is not sure if he can continue with it. If I understood correctly, he will send a copy of the compilation, including a book with essays to anyone who demands one.

i want one, er i DEMAND one. what do i do next?

ben | January 8, 2006 6:24 PM


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