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JULY 16, 2006 5:04 PM

Dear reader,

Life has boiled down to a number of questions.

1 everything is play, and at the same time it is earnest.

2 progress? through a great capability for embarrassment.

3 self? to be perceived as subject, object no longer.

5 gnosis is the subjective knowledge of taking control.

4 this, like everything, can be achieved through the means of suggestion (Suggestivkraft).

5 Suggestivkraft is a soft power. its grammatical form is "i do."

6 causation lies always in the past. there is no unraveling towards a hidden aim.

7 this can playfully be proven wrong by means of suggestion.

8 everything is play.

9 the means of suggestion are a soft power. the grammatical form is "i do."

10 this implies a knowledgeable subject taking control.

11 fatalism is the evil twin of idealism.


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