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MAY 10, 2007 6:08 PM

I've spent the best of the past five months with this exhibition at KW Berlin. Fassbinder's Berlin Alexanderplatz will be on view for another two days. (that doesn't leave a lot of time if you want to see the whole 15-hour film, but will be exactly the kind of entertainment you need while the weather is bad and you prefer to stay in small rooms filled with cushions, watching what is probably the darkest, longest and most indoorsy of all films in cinema history).

........Berlin Alexanderplatz Finished.........

This is my fassbinderesque dark and pixelated impression of the finissage-evening, right in front of Franz Biberkopf you can see Juliane Lorenz, Fassbinders late wife and the cutter for Berlin Alexanderplatz.

Nina- I know this is almost completely off-topic but... Do you know the name of a short German claymation/animated flick that features two rocks that watch the passing of "all time" before their eyes with momentary slow-downs for us to see in people-time perspective? It won some awards and was shown at the UICA about four years ago in a short film festival. I thought is was called "Das Rokas" but I've been told that doesn't make sense in any sort of German.

tony | May 14, 2007 12:14 AM

sorry, no i don't, and yes, the word completely makes no sense at all in german, although it sounds like a funny way of an english speaking person to try to say "der stein" in german, without saying it in german. if i ever see a film like this i will let you know.

nina | May 14, 2007 11:22 AM


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