SEPTEMBER 21, 2008 3:38 PM

I get so bored sitting around in city-sandboxes digging the sand, hearing the other parents say "no kilian, don't hit the little girl on the head with the showel" if it wasn't for the little girl being pretty good company after all i would have turned into a sour plum. today i went to UN Plaza only to stand in the doorway of the crowded room where they were screening the videos with a toddler on my arm that went "blblbldada" which isn't the stupidest thing that anyone has said about video art but people where turning around at us so i figured i would leave and when they started analysing the films mila got bored anyway so we left. i like the area around UN Plaza. The houses are sky high and the windows are reduced to dots in a grid. I've always found the thought that each of those dots represents a room with a person in it comforting not disturbing.


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