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July 21, 2005

graceland & washington

arrived at the airport around 10am hoping to drop off my luggage so i could wander around DC a little more. however, you can only check your bags in 4 hours in advance... so i wait until 12:01 on the dot... turn in my luggage, take the metro, and meet up w/ jenny at her work. she works about 4 or 5 blocks from the white house.... so i decide to take a look.

later that day due to storms flight got delayed to memphis... but on our way to mississippi we took a wrong turn and landed up at graceland!

even though it was at night it was great. i signed the wall outside and then learned that i saw the #1 and #2 most visited places in america--- the white house and graceland in the same day.

i was hoping to hear a little paul simon on the radio afterwards... didn't happen though.

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