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July 15, 2005

rwanda photos

so i finally recieved all the photos that people took from our experience in may! i am thrilled... here are a few from the 12 cds worth. i guess this is kinda in chronological order.... we had an 8 hour layover in amsterdam. then it was on to rwanda to work with people who have been infected/affected by HIV/AIDS. i'll start really working on the documentary after i am finished with my traveling job this summer.


the bikes were fantastic

onto rwanda!

kigali... traveling to cyangugu

working on a house... this lady showed me how to hoe properly. she would not leave my side the entire day.

kellie & me [we were supposed to make a face or something...]

visiting a school

where people infected/affected by HIV/AIDS get food from the USAID

this is how they take people to the hospital, their ambulence

outside the hospital before going to feed the patients

swimming in lake kivu

not really sure how to describe the experience. i hope the photos show how beautiful it was there... the people and the country.

thanks to everyone who made this trip possible... you know who you are. much love!

& i have stories so if you want to hear any let me know.

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