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July 25, 2005

swimming on rooftops

so i've had a little break from the madness of traveling. saturday just layed around and read a book. then later that night i got to hang out w/ seth! [who was in swaziland w/ me last summer and he just got back into town.] we went on a sufjan illinoise hunt. best buy said it doesn't come out to august 9th... in their world maybe, but it was out the 5th. then to sam goody... then to barnes and noble... none had it. that was depressing. vertigo it will be thursday when i return to GR for a few days. after that search ate some chinese and we went and watched the island. i remember learning it was shot partially in detroit so i didn't know what to expect. i was initially turned off my the puma product placement in the first scene.

yesterday headed to blockbuster to rent a movie. rented the documentary the 5 obstructions... i was hoping for more than what i got. i enjoyed parts of the film. i also went kayaking on a lake on sunday. the thing about the lake was this...

the government bought the land and the houses that were on it. they needed another water source for atlanta and then flooded the nearby river into it. so below all the water is a bunch of houses and if the water gets low enough you can see the roof tops. it was kinda strange knowing that houses are below you.

i'll be in GR thursday.

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