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July 4, 2005

the dominican

the DR was beautiful. i was in the city of san juan which is in the mountains and is a lot cooler than other parts of the dominican... sometimes 10 degrees cooler, which makes a huge difference. the heat was bearable, not as bad as i suspected.

this picture was taken on our last day in san juan. one of the hosts drove me around on a motorcycle to film the country side since most of my time was in the city. everyone in san juan seemed to own a motorcycle or moped... it was main mode of transportation. stop signs, stop lights, weren't recognized... you just beeped your horn when going through. however, it was a little different in Santiago and Santo Domingo... they used theirs since both are larger cities.

each day in the city the skim ice man would come by where we were staying. skim ice is like flavor ice... but TEN times better. they were refreshing after being out in the hot hot heat.

this was the fresh pineapple i bought off the street only 1 buck!

this was one of the traditional dominican meals we ate for breakfast as i mentioned in the previous post. i ate the plantains... yum!

besides meeting the people i learned some of the history. i didn't know much about the DR before going... besides knowing that Christopher Columbus first landed there. what I didn't know was that when he landed he killed off pretty much the whole Indigenous population and today most Dominicans are mixed with African and Indian blood... there are no original full blood Indians in the DR-- which saddens many people there.

overall the trip was great! i loved being able to walk around the city and on my way back to santiago took a fantastic bus with air conditioning and really got to see the country.

my last night in the DR was in Santiago and met a girl from upstate new york who was studying there for the summer. i hung out with some of her friends and we went to the monument and just walked around. it was fun not having a camera strapped to my side.

so i returned sunday and had a layover in miami. even though the DR is so close, it was weird returning this time and having to actually talk to people to get things. everyone spoke spanish and since it was my job to stay behind the camera and not get too involved with the group i was with i didn't talk much.

so being back in the US [even though i feel the DR is SO close] was a little odd after being away only for a week. even though i couldn’t speak the language-- people were so hospitable and friendly. so i was a little disappointed at the american attitudes coming back in the airport and actually having to talk to people again. haha. i'm fine now... it was just strange because i didn't feel that way coming back from rwanda. [i hope to have a cd full of pictures from rwanda at the end of the week. i hope to post a few soon!]

i'll find out tomorrow if i head to mexico at the end of the week. it's been a YES, then a NO, now a MAYBE. so we'll see what the boss says. at this moment i'm back in GA. next week i will be in atlanta... that's for sure.

Posted by jennifer at July 4, 2005 7:43 PM


why wouldn't they let you go to mexico/where would you be going?

Posted by: george at July 5, 2005 8:35 AM

due to it being a last minute trip/plane tickets are a bit high. i would be going to matamoros.

Posted by: jen at July 5, 2005 11:15 AM

your food seems really kind of gross but some of it looks good well mybe be cuz we see food diferent here. but does it tast good???? And I recomend you guys to try Mexican food because it has the best taste ever, well most of it hahahaha like the enchiladas, and "POSOLE" hmmm! like when ever you guys are crudos from partyin then you can eat it and you feel better wait it is acsually menudo that make's you feel better. well nice talking to you bye.

Posted by: Lizbeth at February 9, 2006 12:16 PM

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