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July 18, 2005

washington dc- familar faces/rainforest convo.

after missing my 8am flight saturday morning- mainly because of a literally 1 mile line. i arrived in DC around 8pm after flying standby. many other people were in my position so i made some standby friends... we played a game of BS and wandered around to each DC flight hoping to get on.

i arrived in DC and from the airport took a shuttle bus to the metro station. i was carrying a buttload of equipment/luggage. so i took the elevator down to the subway, while i'm waiting i meet a man with a bike....

what do you got in that bag, a musical instrument?
-no, a tripod.
why do you have a tripod?
-i'm filming around the country
so the next steven speilberg one day, eh?
-i don't know... i guess. sure why not?
we could make a movie.
-oh yeah?
you know on the internet, those point and click for a buck.
[thinking in my head... oh know where is this going]
where they put those hidden cameras up in the trees in the jungle and you can watch the animals. we could make a movie about that.
-hmmm. i've never heard of that before.
you saw that family walking up the elevator, we could cast them as the "all american family" and set the plot around that.

the train comes. he wants to give me his phone number... i decline. we go into separate cars. maybe i shoudl have taken it.. was i wrong in this decision?

so that was the weirdest encounter i've had here. i then arrived at columbia heights and met up with jenny and lindsay... it was pouring. we were gonna go out for a drink but the streets looked like they were flooding. so we had a night in & it was just what i needed. we ordered some greek food and watched tv. just a lovely time!

the next day we slept in, went out for brunch, and went to the eastern market.

after that we walked around the capitol and other touristy spots in DC. i finally got some fliming underway along with some pictures. it was HOT out, worse than GA.

when i was in the airport saturday... i called kellie and found out that Stephanie was in DC for the weekend! i got to see her for 15 minutes before I had to catch the metro and go to my work site...

then when i was waiting for my ride as the West Falls Church Station... i looked to my right and there she was again... completely random, that was the best!

seriously seeing people i know in these places is great... since i'm meeting new people all the time.

right now i'm working and missing "screen on the green" on the national mall... free classic movie screenings every monday night. how i wish i was there.

i apologize about this post, i feel like it's all over the place.

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