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July 6, 2005

you gotta roll with it.

so i'm not heading to mexico. but i did go to atlanta for the morning...

there is another project brewing which might mean of going to more places. where? not exactly sure. i guess it's good that i like randomness and rolling with the punches.

also i'm out of touch with the world-- news wise. i got an update from mikey v today on all the most important news like... 5 new family guy episodes have been aired. luther vandross died. batman begins is a pretty enjoyable movie.

anything else i should know?

i listened to NPR on my way to atlanta today & that was nice... which makes me think if the US doesn't start respecting the enviroment and dealing w/ global warming... the earth isn't gonna respect us. hence more probs will be coming our way.

Posted by jennifer at July 6, 2005 1:22 PM


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