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August 30, 2005


so tomorow is my first day of being a trucker.

someone told me i should do a documentary of this.

i don't really want to... so i'm not.

it'll be an early morn. we'll see how the first day goes & i'll report back.


i had fun at the g-rad picnic. & also went to 80s night for the first time in a while. goodtimes.

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August 23, 2005

first couple days back in g-rad

so i've started to hang in g-rad again. it's been good. yesterday i went out for lunch with my friend brett who also has returned from africa. we talked shop about video production. i then headed to my new abode which will be on the westside not far from gvsu downtown. then i had a lovely dinner at kyle & audrey's. bumped into george and beth going inside. after dinner we then went for a walk around g-rad. we ended up at the tire swing where audrey then got a little motion sickness... and we then watched some 16 II videos.

then today headed to gvsu to see kate & leslie's friend paul play at the WCKS festival. none of us won the bike they were drawing. even hommedeterre tried to buy the bike off of the girl that won it... no luck.

i'm applying to become a trucker tomorrow.

i am pumped about the picnic coming up.

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top 8 airlines

since i spent half my time in the airport this summer i put together my top 8 domestic airlines.

8. airtran-- NEVER take, it took me 3 hours to get to the front of the ticket line, hence me missing my flight and waiting in the airport all day.
7. american.
6. united.
5. northwest. [no real probs with 7 thru 5]
4. delta: huge airplane. granola bars.
3. midwest: the most comfy chairs in the world.
2. ted: whitty banter from the pilots.
1. frontier airlines: they actually serve food.

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August 19, 2005

goodbye georgia.

right now i should be packing... i will in a few minutes.

when to the atlanta courthouse... tried to pay my ticket, said i wasn't in the system yet... i guess their not used to promtness?

after that we headed to set. we stuck around for a little while. it started to thunder/lightening so they decided to move on... i got to see some people i knew. didn't get to see the props people but it was cool nonetheless.

i really like making films. i need to start writing possibly-maybe. i need to be more creative with this time i kinda have now. hmmm.

i said my goodbyes & watched benny and joon tonight.

ok, i need to pack.

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August 17, 2005

dinner and films and stuff

so i went out to dinner w/ my friend kelly tonight. we went for mexican. it was fun and got to hear about her life and working in the studios and whatnot.

i called one of the teamster's and found out where they are shooting tomorrow and hopefully if i go and pay the ticket in the afternoon we will stop by the set due to there late call time... this is the movie set i'll be on...

madea's family reunion

haha should be interesting. now i am editing half the night since going to pay the ticket is going to set me back in my work load... but i hope to see some people i know. hopefully it all works out.

tomorrow is my last day in georgia. i'll be back in g-rad on friday.

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August 14, 2005

atlanta + the po po

my friend seth was nice enough to let me borrow his car so i could venture into atlanta for the day on saturday. i slept in late and headed around noonish and went to the atlanta underground. i left early so i could head into buckhead and meet up with drew who i worked with on the set of bobby jones a few years ago. on my way while listening to georgia state university's radio station i got pulled over. i was calm and collect-- wasn't even sure why i was being pulled over. well it was expired tags! uhg. make a long story short-- i got a ticket. tomorrow i must call and see how much it's for. rediculous. i then proceeded to caribou coffee. was fun to catch up. and got reminded of the speech/advice of wanting to be in the film business... which was a good reminder of what it's really like. i think this week i'll go and visit one of the sets that is shooting in atlanta and visit some other folks. it should be fun just to hang out.

indie films kids... it's the way to go.

after that got in touch w/ lindsay, she had returned from DC. i saw her new abode and i met her boyfriend then we went out for dinner. then i headed back to gainesville.

i had a good time saturday minus the ticket.

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August 10, 2005

birrrfday fun

so it was my b-day... twas an enjoyable day. i got to see my friend anita from south africa. i busted outta work early and took her shopping so she could get some clothes since her luggage was lost by air france. [maybe i'll post a pic tomorrow] then she wanted to go to starbucks so i took her there. then later we had to part ways cause she has training she had to go to. then after that i went out for dinner to a thai resturaunt with seth and brian. then we went and rented edward sizzorhands, bought some icecream, and met up with tori and jessica (so i spent a day with all my swaziland friends from last summer).

i think the funniest moment of the night was when my friend nate asked me what it felt like to be 24, "i'm 365 days away from my quarter-century-crisis."

was a pretty good night, birthday fun in georgia.

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August 9, 2005

kids and their comments.

so i was just eating my lunch at the office and someone's daughter was eating too. she was very quiet and when i was about to leave the only words she said to me was, "you look depressed." i told her i was tired, which i am. why did she have to use the word depressed? most would say "you look tired." i'm not really sure what i'll be doing when i go back to GR on the 19th maybe that's the reason... but i'm ok with that. or perhaps it's cause i have hours and hours of editing to do, which i'm not the biggest fan of.

really i'm just tired. traveling tires you out.

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August 8, 2005

chicago -- denver

well chicago was enjoyable...

i walked around filmed some sites...

then met up with an old 21 prospect neighbor joe. i had some of the best mexican food ever. we walked by wrigley feild and the waterfront. then i got a little lost on the blue line... this reminds me of george's post, but it was a night.

then it was on to denver... i brought in the rain.

denver never has rain so my thursday was a waste. i needed it though, i was exhausted. i was in line getting food and didn't realize there was a step to the left of me... i completely stumbled and fell on a girl. that was when i knew i was in bad shape.

friday was a nice day and it wasn't raining. i went around the city and got to see red rocks!

now i'm back in georgia for the next two weeks.

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August 1, 2005

michigan to illinoise.

my last days have been packed with fun-ness. if that's a word, i don't know what is. it included a film meeting of the minds. a little celebration of my b-day-- a couple days early. lunch w/ rachel. a visit to kellie, lindsay, and steph's new abode. a 5 year class reunion. an attempt with scott & brent to return to our news room days of setting up an analog mixer to add effects of nega, paint, and strobe at a roller rink. i roller skated and filmed.

a trip to detroit. a rental car. a family visit. fliming downtown d-town. dinner with a film school friend, justin sko. we searched far and wide for a place to eat. we ended up at the cass cafe-- excellent. then on to see rai play at the lager house. it was nice to see her live not running a show. then the pullage over by a cop due to kinda by taking a left on a red... but not really. no ticket. next day-- more filming in the morn, then to the airport. a good hour nap in an airport chair.

last days have been busy but extremely enjoyable. now i have made it to chi-town.


can i express my love for sufjan's illinoise? seriously is it better than say yes to michigan? i might be as bold to say, yes to illinoise!

---- update.

bad photo of mixer/tv from the rink. you can kinda see scott in the background.

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