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August 14, 2005

atlanta + the po po

my friend seth was nice enough to let me borrow his car so i could venture into atlanta for the day on saturday. i slept in late and headed around noonish and went to the atlanta underground. i left early so i could head into buckhead and meet up with drew who i worked with on the set of bobby jones a few years ago. on my way while listening to georgia state university's radio station i got pulled over. i was calm and collect-- wasn't even sure why i was being pulled over. well it was expired tags! uhg. make a long story short-- i got a ticket. tomorrow i must call and see how much it's for. rediculous. i then proceeded to caribou coffee. was fun to catch up. and got reminded of the speech/advice of wanting to be in the film business... which was a good reminder of what it's really like. i think this week i'll go and visit one of the sets that is shooting in atlanta and visit some other folks. it should be fun just to hang out.

indie films kids... it's the way to go.

after that got in touch w/ lindsay, she had returned from DC. i saw her new abode and i met her boyfriend then we went out for dinner. then i headed back to gainesville.

i had a good time saturday minus the ticket.

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