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August 23, 2005

first couple days back in g-rad

so i've started to hang in g-rad again. it's been good. yesterday i went out for lunch with my friend brett who also has returned from africa. we talked shop about video production. i then headed to my new abode which will be on the westside not far from gvsu downtown. then i had a lovely dinner at kyle & audrey's. bumped into george and beth going inside. after dinner we then went for a walk around g-rad. we ended up at the tire swing where audrey then got a little motion sickness... and we then watched some 16 II videos.

then today headed to gvsu to see kate & leslie's friend paul play at the WCKS festival. none of us won the bike they were drawing. even hommedeterre tried to buy the bike off of the girl that won it... no luck.

i'm applying to become a trucker tomorrow.

i am pumped about the picnic coming up.

Posted by jennifer at August 23, 2005 8:59 PM


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