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August 1, 2005

michigan to illinoise.

my last days have been packed with fun-ness. if that's a word, i don't know what is. it included a film meeting of the minds. a little celebration of my b-day-- a couple days early. lunch w/ rachel. a visit to kellie, lindsay, and steph's new abode. a 5 year class reunion. an attempt with scott & brent to return to our news room days of setting up an analog mixer to add effects of nega, paint, and strobe at a roller rink. i roller skated and filmed.

a trip to detroit. a rental car. a family visit. fliming downtown d-town. dinner with a film school friend, justin sko. we searched far and wide for a place to eat. we ended up at the cass cafe-- excellent. then on to see rai play at the lager house. it was nice to see her live not running a show. then the pullage over by a cop due to kinda by taking a left on a red... but not really. no ticket. next day-- more filming in the morn, then to the airport. a good hour nap in an airport chair.

last days have been busy but extremely enjoyable. now i have made it to chi-town.


can i express my love for sufjan's illinoise? seriously is it better than say yes to michigan? i might be as bold to say, yes to illinoise!

---- update.

bad photo of mixer/tv from the rink. you can kinda see scott in the background.

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