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September 28, 2005


seriously i was so impressed by the akron/family the other night at the DAAC.

wow. good show... it's been a long time where i haven't heard of a band and after the first song had a huge smile on my face.

sososo good!!

on another note, i made the best stirfry tonight. i wish i could have shared it with you all.

such a good show. WOW. did i happen to mention i really liked it?

i should go to bed soon. truckin` it at 6am.

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September 25, 2005

things i'm excited about...

- the beginning ideas for the rwanda documentary. [we kinda went backwords on this... ideas came after the fact]
- the swaziland documentary making it into The Heartland Film Festival
- learning more about story structure

as of right now those are the two things. i hope new ideas and thoughts come my way in the next weeks/months. i need it.

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September 24, 2005

life as a trucker is fun. i don’t mind driving... i feel like i’m at this weird spot between seeing these truck parts, not really understanding how they all fit together, and knowing that my dad does. it’s like this gap that really isn’t there... i don’t have a desire to become a mechanic but it’s funny to look at these people i deliver these truck parts to and know that this is what my dad is doing day in and day out... yet not really knowing how to do the job he does do. but seeing the lifestyle that these guys live or glimpses of the jobs they perform and understanding more. i don’t know if that even makes any sense.

also when i enter these gravel companies that have huge cement trucks they are filling... i feel i’m in a different world... like entering a really bad sci-fi movie.

other things...
-we had a mini dance party lastnight
-i may be over commiting myself
-i've been enjoying my time lately
-i need to buckle down and edit
-i wish i had money to see many many shows
-i want to figure out how to add stuff to this page... like categorize my enteries like from this summer and then the just have a section for the other stuff.

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September 14, 2005

westside livin`

i guess it's my duty as a fellow g-rader to discover the westside more. + i feel like i've been neglecting my blog...

i went to the flamingo bar last friday. it was what i was expecting small, no windows type of bar ... where i was suckered into singing karaoke w/ kate & leslie.

sweetwater is ridiculously close to my house so i go there every once in a while. at first i didn't like it, but it's so close.

hungry heart i got a wrap there the other day after dropping off tickets. it was good.

i hope to discover more places in the weeks to come. maybe eat at vito's pizza or something, they have a new 'patio' my roommate pointed out to me.

i'm getting my bike, hopefully this weekend. that excites me.

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September 8, 2005

shattered glass

so today was day 2 of driving truck by myself.

guess what happened?

i broke a window.

i was carrying this really heavy thing. (yes that explains it). it was this tall box with 5 heavy parts. it was at the back of the truck... the light suddenly changes and i was LITERALLY going 10 miles an hour and decide to stop, and it (this HUMUNGOUS truck part that no human can lift) slides to the front of the cab.... something is sticking out of it and my middle window breaks...

glass shattered every where. when driving back to shop i thought i was canned... and i was going to tell my boss that i would pay for it out of my check if it came to point.

get back, he says don't worry about it. and i guess it's not the first time it happened- thank god!

i don't want another day like this again.

close call.

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September 1, 2005

explaination of truck

so after traveling i'm driving truck.

not a huge semi... just a large pick-up truck delvering parts around lower mi... mainly to flint. it's part-time work 2/3 days a week. it works out then i can take freelance jobs on the side while making a somewhat steady income and also subsitute teach after school gets going again.

i had two training days and tomorrow i drive for the first time.

first day lesson:
if you listen to the CB you can hear random stuff that may be laying in the middle of the road. like for instance a bike, that one trucker almost got because it fell off a trailor. however, someone road back on another bike to pick it up. he didn't get it.

i hope when i'm on the country roads i'll find a free couch or something... then i can just put it in the back of the truck. that would be great for my new a-p-t.

hopefully i will not get lost tomorrow.

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