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September 24, 2005

life as a trucker is fun. i don’t mind driving... i feel like i’m at this weird spot between seeing these truck parts, not really understanding how they all fit together, and knowing that my dad does. it’s like this gap that really isn’t there... i don’t have a desire to become a mechanic but it’s funny to look at these people i deliver these truck parts to and know that this is what my dad is doing day in and day out... yet not really knowing how to do the job he does do. but seeing the lifestyle that these guys live or glimpses of the jobs they perform and understanding more. i don’t know if that even makes any sense.

also when i enter these gravel companies that have huge cement trucks they are filling... i feel i’m in a different world... like entering a really bad sci-fi movie.

other things...
-we had a mini dance party lastnight
-i may be over commiting myself
-i've been enjoying my time lately
-i need to buckle down and edit
-i wish i had money to see many many shows
-i want to figure out how to add stuff to this page... like categorize my enteries like from this summer and then the just have a section for the other stuff.

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