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October 30, 2005

ira glass

a week from today i'm going to see ira glass talk! i am pumped. i went on the website to see if i was going to miss the michigan talk but i then realized he was speaking a week from today in charlotte.

we're going to start 6 day work weeks... ira has decided to talk on a sunday night-- i think he knew. haha.

on another note... i won't be home until the beginning of december now.

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October 19, 2005

north carolina

i think i acidentally said south carolina in one of my previous posts... but i'm in north carolina.

it's different here... they say your going 'uptown' instead of 'downtown' (if you are going into the heart of the city.) why? because it sounds more positive.

it's been good so far... normal 12 hour days. i'm usually in the office for 1/2 and then on set for the other half. this crew is so nice... maybe because it's the first week or the southern hospitality.

i haven't gotten to explore yet... maybe this weekend.

tomorrow we have a late crew call time. i can sleep in and stay up late... that's what i like.

i think i'm gonna watch a movie.

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October 16, 2005


i have arrived in north carolina.

i'm pretty exhausted after the film festival weekend. it was interesting to say the least...

i'll have pics at some point.

the best part was seeing my friends, i love em!

i didn't get to see any other films though besides the one before the doc. during the ceremony they showed clips when the filmmakers got their awards and there was one called "knock knock" that was a student short that looked pretty cool...

i must sleep.

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October 12, 2005

another adventure

there are so many fun thiings to do this weekend and i'm gonna miss them.

however, i'm going to the heartland film festival because a documentary film i did camera work on made it into the film festival! dear francis... i'm working at getting a screening at gvsu this winter for world AIDS day. we'll see if it falls into place...

and after indianapolis i got a freelance job filming a behind the scenes of a movie that is going to be shot in south carolina. so on sunday i will take off from indianapolis and head to SC. should be interesting... i will keep you all updated!! i'll be there for two weeks. this all pretty much happened today and i have the best boss ever for understanding.


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October 6, 2005

GR coupon heaven

so whenever i go home to laundry and whatnot my mom always makes me take little stuff back with me that i necessiarly don't needor want. but today i hit the jackpot! coupons from all over the GR area. either 50% or buy one get one free... or a deals on movie tickets as well. it's from one of those books that you sell when you're a kid, when trying to raise money or something. she got the book free her friend who didn't want it.

coupons include (in no particular order):

mr burger
bangkok taste
cherie inn
taco bell
roly poly
mr pita
red geranium
the grand coney
hungry heart
marinades (oreganos whatever you want to call it)
vitos pizza
russos pizza
common ground
star theatre

for GR food places, i got it covered. i may just be calling you to come and get a bite to eat... who needs to go grocery shopping anymore? haha.

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October 2, 2005

food, dance, and fun.

after a 12 hour trucking day on friday... it was a good weekend. i'm feeling good, no cold, and i got to sleep into today. activities this weekend included going to bombay cuisine for the very FIRST time with kellie and jettie... excellent i do say. AIDS walk saturday morning over 1500 walked.

it's great after when you have a cold to be doing things.

i've decided 80s night is the perfect way to end the weekend. i hope it's fun. time to dance, dance, dance with c & c. haha.

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