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October 6, 2005

GR coupon heaven

so whenever i go home to laundry and whatnot my mom always makes me take little stuff back with me that i necessiarly don't needor want. but today i hit the jackpot! coupons from all over the GR area. either 50% or buy one get one free... or a deals on movie tickets as well. it's from one of those books that you sell when you're a kid, when trying to raise money or something. she got the book free her friend who didn't want it.

coupons include (in no particular order):

mr burger
bangkok taste
cherie inn
taco bell
roly poly
mr pita
red geranium
the grand coney
hungry heart
marinades (oreganos whatever you want to call it)
vitos pizza
russos pizza
common ground
star theatre

for GR food places, i got it covered. i may just be calling you to come and get a bite to eat... who needs to go grocery shopping anymore? haha.

Posted by jennifer at October 6, 2005 7:00 PM


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